I did a video on Marriage Tips for Parents last week.

I got soooo many messages about that on my personal number and so many of my viewers forwarded that to their groups that it became one of the most watched videos on my youtube channel.

Funny part, it had almost nothing to do with astrology, it was more of a common sense life advice, that too against the “norms of society”. Things i wanted to say, but was reluctant as it could ruffle a few feathers, and offend a few people.

To my pleasant surprise, people not only accepted it, but loved the brutal honest.

Many of my friends suggested that I should share such thoughts with people at large. Encouraged by them, I am going to share the things which I have learned (often at a great personal thought) and hope that would help people live better lives. Never mind if some people don’t like it. I have named it BRUTALLY HONSET…!

Will start series called Brutally Honest on my youtube channel and on this blog as well.


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