I usually don’t write about mystical or spiritual matters, as I don’t think that I am qualified enough. Then enough non-sense is being spread in the name of mysticism, and I don’t want to add to it.

But today I am making an exception.

For a change, I thought, I should share something which would benefit a lot of my readers, and might bring me some good Karma…the most necessary thing that one should pray for…HUMILITY…!

With a blazing 16-degree Sun in the 1st house, and Mars + Rahu in Leo, what business does an arrogant jerk like me has talking about humility? Actually, a lot.

We don’t remember any doctor talking about the negative effects of tobacco, but one man on his death bed becomes the icon of all that is wrong with tobacco. I am that man (when it comes to arrogance).

Though not dead yet, but I am the poster boy of all that can go wrong if you act like an arrogant prick. I have done it several times, and have paid a tremendous price. I hope I have your attention now.  

Here is a pattern that repeats itself in many a life:

You do sadhanaYou get powerYou get arrogant  You hurt someone  You get a curseYou lose your power

Been there done that.

The benefits of some punya waking up or some Divine entity blessing us, can be tremendous. It can be so powerful that you feel invincible. Those who have been touched or blessed, would know what I am talking about.

You are able to see things so clearly that other humans appear to be Neanderthals. You can do nothing wrong. You are always at the right place at the right time. You are the Master of the Universe…and everyone else (or at least most of them) are lower forms of life.

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At such a point, there come your destroyers, EGO and ARROGANCE. Like a Snake that it is, arrogance creeps up really quicky, and its sole aim is to make you fall.

Our mythology is full of such examples right form the God King Indra to many other demon kings and celestial rulers. There is a constant theme, a powerful person rises to the top with all his sadhana and efforts, but then he gets arrogant, and ends up doing something wrong, and as a result of it, he faces his downfall. Rinse, repeat.

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Some “practical” people would say that is all mythology. Let’s talk some “real life” examples.  Don’t we see a few things day in and day out.

  • Politicians who once ruled millions are thrown in jails, or fade in oblivion.
  • Bureaucrats who wielded the powerful seal of Bharat Sarkar, go running around to get a bail.
  • Crores of ill-gotten money accumulated over a lifetime of sin, gone in a day.
  • Bad boy billionaires running away in shame and fear, from being style icons, they become meme fodder.

What a surreal sight it is, and one theme I have seen, it is usually the most arrogant types that end up facing the downfall.

Yes, not everyone gets punished…at least not immediately, not in front of our eyes… (some have far more accumulated blessings that last them a lifetime, but once this lifetime is over, they are going to face the music). There is a Judiciary above the man-made courts, and beyond the mighty Bharat Sarkar, there is the Almighty “Sacchi Sarkar”. Eventually, you get what you deserve.   

It is all about blessings and curses.

The more humble, down to earth, and kind you are, the less curses you incur and more punya you accumulate, the more power you have.    

Media is their greatest tool that teaches you that a powerful man has to be arrogant. For me, media is the modern-day avatar of Shakuni. They are in the business of creating arrogant Duryodhanas and not humble but more powerful Krishnas.

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Those on the path to accumulate power, MUST not fall prey to them.

Here is some advice yours truly has for you:

  • If you get a Siddhi, a blessing, a flash of insight, money or any other power, please DON’T advertise it to the world. Keep it a secret.
  • Use your power for good purposes: Don’t go around being a BULLY…! I can promise you, times will change.
  • Never hurt the innocent, the fastest way to lose you power is to get a curse
  • Be kind to the less fortunate: I am not telling you to go around throwing your money, I am just asking you that if you say no to a beggar, say it POLITELY.
  • Remember you could have been on the receiving end: When doing charity, THANK GOD that you are on the giving end, with a little twist of fate, you could have been on the receiving end.
  • Be Kind and be humble…I repeat…be kind and be HUMBLE…!

Clarification: I am not asking you to bend over for everyone, remember Krishna went to the greatest war against an arrogant king, but he was humble enough to wash feet of Sudama. So, you get the picture.

How to get your Mojo back…if you ever fall: This is going to happen to many, as we are not mighty enough to handle the plentiful blessings of the divine. We walk around with a spoon and try to drink bounties of the ocean. Most of the times, we are going to spill over.

If you ever fall, here are a few tips:

  • Accept your mistake and take a pledge to never do this again
  • Ask for forgiveness to whosoever you have offended, if possible, ask for their blessings (If you can’t find the same person, ask someone similar).
  • Revive your sadhana, and if possible, add to it.
  • Keep this somewhere you can see it daily, and chant it like a mantra: EGO IS THE ENEMY

If you are in the process of accumulating power, or if times are good, here is a small prayer I learned from someone innocent enough to say this:

“Lord, please don’t bless me if you have to make me arrogant.”

My addition: First please give me capacity to handle your blessings and humility to retain it.

(Simple translation: God please don’t pick me up, only to slam me down).

Getting something and losing it is much worse than never having gotten it.

Here are some words of wisdom I recently read:

When you are alone mind your thoughts

When you are with friends mind your words

When you are angry mind your temper

When you are in a group mind your behavior

When you are in trouble mind your emotions

When God Blesses you, mind your EGO

Last line is worth to painting in liquid gold.

Pro Tip: Worshipping picture of Krishna washing feet of Sudama would help. Here you go:

मङ्गलम् on Twitter: "Lord Krishna met his childhood friend Sudama on the  holy day of #AkshayaTritiya and blessed him with endless riches! 😊 Image  of Krishna washing Sudama's feet by ISKCON. https://t.co/rInm1g0YOq" /

Jai Sri Krishna

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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