“Vijay, if you could choose one planet’s position in your future birth, which would that be?” asked a friend, expecting me to say Shani.

However my answer, was, is, and would always be MOON.

“She was taken aback, but why Moon?”

“I would rather be a common man but happy than be rich powerful and miserable.” I replied with sigh. Being born on a full moon day that too with a Cancer Moon, I know what I was saying.  


I went on to explain, “Haven’t you seen someone who is not rich, lives a very modest life, is no great shakes in the external world. But he is happy and content?”

“Yes not too many…but a few.” She said.

“Now how many celebrities,  movie stars, rich businessmen we know who have gone on through depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse…many even committed suicide or died of drug overdose?”

“There are many.”

“Which planet do you think makes all the difference?”

“Moon…no doubt…!”

“There you have your answer.” I said.

I have used this example a million times. And every time the other person gets convinced. External world is controlled by other planets, and people can have a great external life, especially those with a well-placed Mercury, Shani, and Rahu tend to do very well in life.

Internal (Mental and emotional) life is ruled by the moon. If moon is damaged or in a bad condition, any amount of external success, money, or power cannot make them happy.

Most planets decide your EXTERNAL LIFE…Sun and Moon determine your INTERNAL LIFE.

Again, the moon is more important in my view.

Sun being a fiery karaka of soul would give one existential conflicts, which a person can seek through spirituality, however, if moon in damaged, one can jolly well end up in a mental asylum.  

Sun is fiery and strong…but Moon is arguably the weakest planet, that’s why he needs so much support and protection.

Biggest blessing in the chart is a good moon, and the biggest curse is a bad moon.

Moon + Rahu is the worst possible moon yoga a common man can have. Moon + Shani, but that is a distant second, Ketu + Moon run a distant third…and surprise entry on number 4 is Venus + Moon. I will take them up separately someday. Plan to do a webinar very soon on Moon.

Moon in bad houses, 6, 8, and 12 do a lot of damage, however, moon in 1st and 7th can also be dangerous, particularly in a female’s chart. I have seen depression, anxiety, worry, hallucinations, emotional issues, and drug addictions in cases with bad moon.

Not just Moon, the sign he rules, Cancer is also full of problems. For men with damaged moon or heavy cancer, I have often seen mood swings and alcoholism, for women with a bad moon, or heavy cancer, depression and divorce is a very frequent occurrence (and you thought Manglik was a problem).

Remember the world “Lunatic” comes from “Lunar” which is a direct reference to the moon.

Most crimes, hauntings, accidents, drunk brawls in the world happen on a FULL MOON DAY…don’t trust Bollywood non-sense that slanders the reputation of new moon day or Amawas…the FULL moon does the damage…take that from someone born on a full Moon day 🙂

The light of Sun destroys the demons…while the light of moon brings them out, and those demons are INTERNAL.

You might be surrounded by all the great things in the world, but can be miserable inside. As moon rules how YOU FEEL about yourself…or your mental state.

One of my mentors taught me “Paristhiti (external condition) is much less important than MANA-STHITI (internal mental condition). Always take good care of your Mana-sthiti.”

And Mana-Sthithi is most impacted by…you guessed it, Moon…!

So ensure that you do your moon remedies, keep a moon yantra, and most of all worship Lord Shiva and Ma Kali.



God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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