As a Shani remedy, especially for people undergoing Shani Mahadasha, it is suggested that they offer “oil to Shani” on Saturdays in order to please Lord Shani. In most towns in India, every few kilometers you would find a Shani temple where people queue up to pour oil to a Shani idol on Saturday.

I had a long time debating if I should or should not write this, but I guess the time has come to talk about this, as many people may be suffering becuase of this. And I would be the first to admit, I used to do it as well, for a very long time.  It was later in my research that I realized that this remedy might not make Shani happy, on the contrary, this can irritate the Lord of Justice and Frugality, and may even backfire on the native. 

I had mentioned this in my book, but putting this out in the public domain at the risk of inviting criticism and ridicule. I have done a lot of foolishness in my life, and have faced a lot of ridicule. A little more won’t hurt, I am a thick skinned idiot. (Feel free to oppose and criticise me in the comments, I am more wrong than most people I know. ) 😀 Thank you Ketu Dev for taking away my crazy ego. I regularly keep getting reality checks from my close friends and critics, lest the Shukra Dasa makes things go to my head. It helps to remember lessons of Ketu. Anyway, back to Shani and the oil remedy.

The only place this ritual should be done is at Shani Shignapur, the palce related to Lord Shani in Maharashtra. Out there, it is an old tradition, to pour oil over Shani’s idol which is standing in form of a solid black rock. It is a time honoured tradition to offer oil to this idol.

Legend has it that Lord Hanuman defeated Lord Shani in a fight, and later offered oil to him in order to heal him. Thus donating oil is considered pleasing for Shani. 

 n my humble opinion, this tradition is applicable only to this siddha place and should be done here only and should NOT be followed at other temples.The bigger issues is with the way it is done in most places, there is a worry that it might backfire.

IMany such local small time Shani temples have a “Recycle System” that would collect all the poured oil one Saturday, and would sell them back to you in the same bottles, next week. Now not only are you wasting oil and supporting a scam, you are also pouring dirty oil over Shani idol. Shani, the Lord of frugality and justice hates wastage and scam. Please don’t be a part of the crowd who does this.

There are other better ways of doing charity with oil. 

You can donate refined oil to any Gurudwara, the Sikh temples which usually feed all without any charge as a part of Langar. 


You can donate to the Priest of any Hanuman or Shiva temple. Never mind what the media and movies tell you, poor Hindu priests aren’t all evil. Most of them are poor and struggle to feed their families. Please be generous to them in donation, and you can give this oil and prefereably black lentil along with it to them on a Saturday. Remember even the priests need to eat. 


If you are the type that likes to give things with your own hands, you can get some fried food donated to the poor and hungry. Preferably the hard working poor e.g. labourers, sweepers etc.  

The above three, in my view are much better remedies than the usual “pouring oil”.

And if my friend you are an astrologer, try to change this apporach don’t support scam and waste, ensure your remedies are such that this oil reaches those who need it and is put to a good use, Lord Shani would be pleased.

Feel free to share your thoughts around this in the comments.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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