Disclaimer: I have tried to keep this blog strictly apolitical. Have made only one exception till date.

I have written one blog against a rape of a daughter of this nation involving a politician from one party in Unnao.

Today I am outraged by stalking kidnap and killing of a daughter in Faridabad, by a lout connected to another party.


Most perpetrators are politically connected, our system is what it is. Being a keyboard warrior is no longer enough.

If you want your daughter to survive, wake up her Mars.

Here is my advice to every father who has a daughter: BEFORE YOU SAVE FOR HER MARRIAGE, SAVE FOR HER GUN…!

Best Gift for a Daughter/Sister

Here is my advice to every brother who has a sister: DON’T GIVE HER AN iPHONE ON RAKHI/BHAI DOOJ…GIVE HER A GUN….!

This nation has lost its valour…our men are not men enough. Time for our daughters to pick up the weapon.

Jai Bhawani…!


  1. Also Sir, How about rising the Jupiter in the Boys.
    And to all those criminal doing crime against women, remember Lord Shani Dev is watching you.

    1. Thank you for waking up to this. Good point, we must tell our boys that women aren’t objects. Most of all the powerful need to put a leash on their boys. Do all that you can to protect our daughters. I will do all that I can.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am going through rahu mahadasha Shani antardasha, my husband last part of ketu mahadasha, my daughter who is 20 months is going through Shani mahadasha ketu antardasha.
    I request you to help me. You can imagine what I am going through. It’s horrible like hell.

    1. Don’t worry all bad thigns come to an end. Please contact Shantunu @ 9564547458 and book a consultation. Would try my best to help you.

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