As an HR person in the past, and as an astrologer today, my career has always been about understanding of the fascinating creature called HUMAN BEING. 

Barring a few cases like health issues, I have always seen most problems of majority arise through the twin devils: 


Ego: Let’s address the Devil #1 which stands behind most of the wars, divorces, home breaks, heartbreaks, depression, and tyranny…EGO…!

Born with Sun in 1st, I have been guilty of carrying a big ego (still get carried away at times). I used to have an inflated sense of “ME” and was totally convinced of my own greatness. I had my reasons, did well as a student, worked my way through a good education, supported my family, even purchased a house in my 20s, worked 18 hour shifts, and got things done…I was a “Boy Wonder” for my bosses. I carried arrogance typical of a mildly successful corporate guy who hears “good morning sir” more than five times, I suffered from a “King Complex”

Then came My Ketu Mahadasha, suddenly things went south, the “Boy Wonder” of yesteryears, was reduced to a clueless middle aged man. Soon, my career collapsed like a house of cards.

That was a crushing blow to my ego. With loss of my corporate career, I felt as if I had lost my “kingdom”. Today, I laugh at the pettiness of my ego. 

REALITY CHECK: I was no king, but a card carrying slave of an organisation, an easily replaceable cog in a giant machine. So corporate people, don’t get too attached to your petty “job title” which can be taken away by one complaining email, one client feedback, or one boss that doesn’t like your hairstyle.

As compared to corporate employees, business owners have better lives, at least they are not slaves. However, they have a bigger EGO trap. They often suffer from “CEO Complex”. They read business biography or two, and fancy themselves a visionary tycoon. I know a few who run coaching centres but call themselves “CEO” their wives run the “HR” and Brother In Law is “CFO”. They even have a freaking ORG CHART  (I wanted to kill myself when I saw one).  

Reality Check: Big Boss, you teach kids in a rented space, your family works for you without salary, stop acting like you are Steve Jobs.  

Don’t even get me started on Government Employees. Barring essentials employees like policemen, doctors, etc., most government employees are glorified paper pushers. But their arrogance is at a totally different level, they suffer from a God Complex.  I bet it was a Government of India babu who first said “Apun hi Bhagwaan hai”, Sacred Games just copied it.

Reality Check: Saheb, you just push “sarkari” papers wrapped in dusty files in a dingy office. You aren’t GOD. By the way, why does retirement scare you? 

 Then there are those who do absolutely nothing, but everyone is so convinced of their own GREATNESS. It is crazy. 


THE EASY TRUTH: We are petty people, our joys and sorrows are petty, STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY…!


Our petty joys: A good job, an increment, a promotion, buying a house, opening a shop, a good date…that’s it? 

Our petty sorrows: Losing promotion, losing job, losses in business, a break up, a divorce…that’s it? 







If ever your EGO takes you on a power trip, remember this guy: He was the REAL DEAL (not some glorified corporate slave, not a grocery store owner, not even a government babu…) HE WAS A REAL KING WITH A REAL KINGDOM, (in case you don’t know, his name was Saddam, and he did not need an I-Card to show who he was).

You might have a few employees under you, he had an an entire army,

You might have some property, he owned an entire nation



But when times changed: 





Now tell me how big are you again???



God Bless,


G. Vijay Kumar

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PS: We will talk about Greed some other day.

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