Question 1: Why does it take so long to get a slot. 

Answer 1: There are several reasons to it: 

  • Limited consultations: I do only a limited number of consultations in a day so that I can give my 100% to every client. 
  • I do every consultation MYSELF: You don’t have half baked astrologers pretending to be me over the phone (this is a rampant malpractice in the industry).
  • Affordable rates-Only @ 599: I keep my base rates affordable so that most people can afford my consultation. Due to this, there is booking for several weeks in advance. 

The alternative that we don’t take: Only other viable option would have been to increase rates several times (there are astrologers who STEAL my content and charge 8 times my fee). There would be less waiting time and I would make more money while working less. However, the satisfaction of reaching out to the maximum number of people would be lost. Thus we are not doing this.   

 Question 2: You give an urgent slot for a little extra money @ 999/-. Isn’t it dishonest, unethical, and immoral?

Answer 2: In order to be available to most people, we are keeping the base price at 599. We could have made a base price 999 and be done with this question, but we want to reach out to those who need us the most. For the record, even 999 won’t get you an appointment immediately. It would take minimum 15-20 days.

 Q3. I am willing to pay 5000 to talk to you immediately. Can I talk to you today?

Answer 3: No. We don’t work like this. The Maximum amount that we take is the charge of urgent slot (999/-). Paying any extra amount won’t get you an immediate appointment. (BTW we have had such offers and have always refused). Hope this makes you understand our philosophy and remove any doubts about us being dishonest or greedy.

 Q4: How does the money back guarantee work?

Answer 4: For the first five minutes, we would look at the chart and would give a preliminary reading highlighting important aspects about your past and your nature. Once that is done with 80% accuracy, we would move ahead to a full consultation. If we aren’t 80% accurate, we would give an instant refund. If you are not satisfied with the preliminary reading of the first 5 minutes, you have the right to ask for an instant refund. 

Please note for refunds through PayPal there can be a PayPal fee deduction as India does not allow us to add money to PayPal wallet. This is NOT our fault.

Q5: Can I ask for a refund after the complete consultation?

Answer: NO. No professional in the world would ever give you a refund after giving full service. Please don’t expect this from us either. We do this for a living and have families to support.  


Q 6: How long is the consultation?

Answer: It usually takes 30 minutes for a chart.

Q7: What all is covered during consultation?

Answer: Health, wealth, relationships, time of relief are the things that bother a person the most. We give the applicable remedies and guidance about understanding oneself and living life in the best possible way.

Q8. How many charts can I show in one slot?

Answer: One slot is for one chart only. Second chart would need a new consultation.

Q9: Why are there different rates for resident Indians and non-Indian residents and foreigners?

Answer: Non-resident Indians usually live in different time zones so we have to adjust our schedule. Moreover, they usually pay through PayPal and this company takes a big percentage of the fee paid. Further, the issues with Non-Indians are usually more complicated and need extra effort. 

Please note for refunds through PayPal there can be a PayPal fee deduction as India does not allow us to add money to PayPal wallet. This is NOT our fault.


Q10: Why don’t you do face to face consultations? 

Answer 8: I love my “free bird” lifestyle. Here is an entire article giving all the reasons. Here you can read it: HERE


Q11: Why don’t you do email consultation? 

Answer 9: Emails don’t allow me the freedom of giving a money back guarantee as it is not possible to check accuracy of the chart. If someone has a problem speaking, we can consider CHAT on Whatsapp. But no eamils please. 


Q12: When would you need the birth details, should I send them in advance?

Answer 10: Birth details would be taken over the CALL only. Since making a horoscope is quick and easy through software, we don’t need details in advance. Also, we would do a preliminary reading in first 5 minutes. That can only be done over the call. 


Q13: Is it necessary to buy gems and Yantras from you. 

Yantras- You should definitely buy from us. Below, are the reasons:

Yantras: Most sellers don’t even know what a yantra is and what are the correct dimensions and the procedure to energise a yantra. Please don’t waste your money on them.

Most sellers sell a Chinese piece of tin in the name of yantra (online stores and shops). It costs Rs. 20 and is sold for 200-300. 

However, what we give is:

-Solid SILVER yantra

-Made in India 

-Designed as per prescribed dimensions and 

-Energised by us using several rituals (not disclosing the rituals and dimensions as they are trade secrets).

Hence it would be good for you to buy Yantras from us.  

 Gems: All our gems are certified by GJEPC (government lab) hence have a guarantee of authenticity. However, you can buy gems from anywhere if you have a reliable contact. But you can buy from any other trusted source.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar





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