Runanubandh or the Web of Karma is the chain that binds two entities in the universe. It usually starts with a desire (love, greed, lust, hunger) and ends with a death, birth, forgiveness, or renunciation.

Ego and Greed are the molecules that make the Karmic chain that binds, forgiveness and renunciation are the blades that cut it.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


  • Nice information sir!
    Since you have discussed about karmic bondage between two individuals here, I would like to bring something similar to your notice. It is called ‘twin flame’. The internet and youtube is buzzing with it, and so many youtube channels and blogs are dedicated to that sole term, and people are making money with it.
    The basic ‘greek’ idea is this – 1 soul is split into 2 souls, to make them feminine and masculine. They incarnate on earth as male and female and then eventually they reunite. Offcourse after much struggle and pain.
    The so called twin flame experts, who ‘help’ the twin flame couples in their struggles, sometimes refer krishna-radha and shiv-shakti as examples.
    Moreover, they use so many terms to explain their theory, such as, soulmate, karmic soulmate, karmic twin flame, false twin flame, energy suckers and what not.
    What is your opinion about all this, sir?
    Especially considering indian astrology and mythology. Is it something real or just another hoax to make some quick money?

  • Can a chithirai girl and pooradam boy marry. Astrologers say Rajju porutham fails. Boy may lose his life in a month or two. Is this true. Parents strictly follow astrology.plss reply

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