Of late, I have been inundated with questions about Coronavirus. 

Why is it happening? 

When would it stop? 

Are there any astrological remedies? 

What should we do? 

As HONEST is my trademark and philosophy, I will say this: 

I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON MUNDANE ASTROLOGY hence I will NOT MAKE ANY PREDICTION about things that I don’t understand. 

I frankly don’t know enough to open my mouth. 

Having said that, I would give a few tips as per my understanding. These would be more LOGICAL than ASTRO-LOGICAL. 

  • Don’t trust the crazies: There are people selling Taweez, amulets, mantras, yantras and yes the Go Mutra Gang is in full swing. News flash: These things don’t work. A simple test, send these guys with their amulets and cows to Wuhan China. They can have a party, make insane profits, and save the world. Please don’t fall to the silly propaganda. If all this worked, you would have had factories in China preparing Taweez by millions and US airplanes showering the landscape with cow urine.
  • BE LOGICAL: No sir, your Grandma’s totka or your uncle’s Ayurvedic cocktail isn’t going to work. The retired elderly and their WhatsApp Medical school can actually get you into trouble. Don’t let your child venture out after drinking some funny mix of Jaifal and Laung etc. You wouldn’t have had ex-Chief Ministers locking themselves down if they could boil a few herbs and go out. They have better Ayurvedic and allopathic doctors than most of us have access to. So please don’t trust the remedy that your retired uncle forwarded on WhatsApp. 
  • Venturing out would be bad karma: You are endangering not only your life, but also the life of others. This is unforgivable. Please don’t venture out unless you absolutely have to. This is a contamination that can start a chain reaction. You wouldn’t want that karma (or that Virus) on your hands.  A prayer MEETING or a gathering at a temple or mosque would be the WORST thing you can do. Please pray in your own homes.
  • Take care of the young and the elderly: They are at a big risk, and both can be hard to handle. While you work from home, I would say keep the very young and the very old busy, even if you have to indulge them. Let the kids play all the video games that they want, they don’t have schools, remember? Let your parents call every distant relative or friend, and discuss corona and politics, listen to their rants if you have to. Just don’t let them venture out. 
  • Respect those who are helping you: Your guards, milkmen, police men, medical guys. Cooperate with them, make their jobs easy. In my housing society I saw people being irritated when checked and sanitised, I appreciated their efforts, cooperated and thanked them for keeping me and my family safe. I guess we owe that much to those who are risking their own lives for our safety. By the way, it would also improve your Shani.  
  • Go Vegetarian for a while: I don’t plan to convert people to vegetarianism. Some of the nicest people I met have been meat eaters, some real monsters, were vegetarians. In my view, what you do is infinitely more important than what you eat. However for these few weeks, try switching to a vegetarian diet. For some reason, all these epidemics from Mad Cow, to Ebola, to Swine Flu to Bird Flu, originate from eating animal flesh (There has never been a potato flu or a cabbage virus). In my view it is Mother Nature’s way of taking revenge against us for killing so many of her mute helpless children.  In my humble opinion, meat eaters are at a bigger risk right now. Remember, the poor meat sellers have no kits to test if an animal has an infection that is spreading in geometric proportions. Better stay safe, enjoy a veg meal. You can have your meat once the epidemic is subsided.

My hope: I am no expert on mundane astrology. And this is not a prediction. It is just a hope. I think India should be able to do better than most nations. One of the biggest reason I have hope for India is the large amount of vegetarian population, practice of burning the dead, and of course our world famous namaste.

Also knowing the West and their praise worthy scientific facilities, I think they would discover a cure sooner or later. Humans have survived a lot of things from plagues to ebola, and our scientists have found a cure for almost everything. 

So I trust the ancient traditions and modern sciences. 

My prayers are with all those who are suffering, those who are fighting this outbreak, and those who are working on a cure. 

Let’s take care of ourselves and cooperate with those working to secure us. 

Stay at home. Stay Smart. Stay Sanitised. Stay Safe. 

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar 






10 Thoughts on “KARMA AND CORONA”

  • But Sir As per your guru Prashant Trivedi, Corona is conspiracy. No Virus ever exists. Also, he suggests ayurveda that you are regecting here while he doesn’t have any trust on the US scientists.

    • He is an enlightened being. There has to be a reson behind what he says.

      i am a common man using his common sense.

  • Rahu in Ardra, ketu in Mula conjunct with Jupiter in U.Shada. Jupiter is jeeva. Do see any theme with current transits?

  • Can a chithirai girl and pooradam boy marry. Astrologers say Rajju porutham fails here and she may lose the boy in a month or two after marriage. Is that true. Parents strictly follow astrology

  • Sir , after a long time. Simple and sober article. Now m facing last phase of ketu mahadasha . Ketu – Mercury , it ends on Nov.2020.

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