Honest confession: The businessman in me did not want to give this remedy out. 

After all, I struggled with Saturn’s prison for decades, and the solution dawned upon me as a PHILOSOPHICAL REMEDY for Saturn. It was so liberating that it worked INSTANTLY and worked BETTER THAN ANY of the USUAL REMEDIES of Saturn. 

This was an original idea, and apparently, yours truly is the only one in possession of this remedy. Giving it out on a public platform would be like giving away a valuable patent for free. 

But then, the  astrologer in me finally convinced me that this would do a lot of good to sooooo many people, getting yours truly lot of good karma, and good karma can always translate into money and more things.

Moreover my biggest fear was that a bus might hit me tomorrow, and this remedy would die with me, I could not bear this thought. That would be a disservice to Ma Jyotish, the world at large, and most of all, to Lord Krishna. After all, it was Krishna who invented this secret, I just happened to discover it.

I am going to give it away today, and other astrologers are free to use it, it would be nice if they could give some credit to this website.


So without further ado, here we go: 

“Wherever Saturn sits is your prison in life…most of your challenges would spring from that house, and you would be a prisoner of that house…your mission would be to break that prison…!”

Now how do you break it? If your Saturn is in 4th you just can’t cut all ties with the mother and be happy. No it won’t happen. You won’t be at peace if you do it. Remember you can’t go around Saturn, you have to go “through” Saturn. 

The answer came from my analysis of two fundamental horoscopes of Jyotish, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. 

Lord Rama was a great man but he lived and died the prisoner of Saturn. Let’s see what went wrong

Part 1: Lord Rama-The Prisoner of Shani:

“Mother & Motherland are Superior to Heaven.”

-Lord Rama (expressing his desire to go back home)

Here is the first part of the Big Secret: WHEREVER SATURN SITS, YOU SEEK APPROVAL OF THAT HOUSE… (but you won’t get it)…!

Lord Rama had Saturn in 4th house of family and mother. All his life he was busy seeking approval of his mother and upholding his family name. 

Because of his step mother (4th house) he was exiled from his kingdom for 14 years (entire youth). 

His wife Sita was abducted by Demon King Ravana and after a great war, Rama won her back. However, in order to uphold the family name (4th house), he had to put Sita through “Agni Pareeksha” or fire test to check her purity. An act which is still questioned by many today. 

Later in the epic, Sita was abandoned by him because a lowly washerman had questioned her purity and the honour of family that could take her back. And Rama could not bear the family name (4th house) being maligned. This is the most questioned act of this great hero, and history still holds him guilty. 

Rama’s problem was SEEKING APPROVAL of his Saturn placement i.e. “4th House”: mother, family and family name. He spent his life seeking approval of and for his 4th house.

 Seeking approval of the mother, he took an unjust exile imposed upon him. 

Seeking approval of all for his FAMILY HONOUR, he put his wife through fire and then abandoned her, seeking approval of a washerman for his FAMILY HONOUR.  

He was a great soul but he lived and died a prisoner of Saturn. And today he is judged harshly by history.   

But like they say, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (the movie is not over yet, my friend)…the same soul learned his lessons and second time around, he came not as a serious dutiful Rama, but a playful smart Krishna. 


“This old man is the root of Duryodhana’s arrogance. I am going to kill him myself and win this war for Pandavas.”

-Lord Krishna 

(While charging at Bheeshma with a wheel)

He wasn’t going to be jailed by Saturn this time, he had learned his lesson, he was going to break the jail. And for the record Krishna set the world record of Jail breaks, he broke the jail on the day he was born (pretty symbolic). 

He started his jail breaking spree on that day, and then never stopped. 

Like we have seen, Rama had Saturn in the 4th house, he struggled with this house and he sought the 4th house approval all his life. 

Krishna had Saturn in the 6th house (of enemies and maternal uncle). Yes, he did struggle with enemies in his life, which included his maternal uncle, but he managed the challenge with aplomb). 


He never gave two hoots about the approval of 6th house or any other house for that matter.  In fact, Krishna started is career by literally KILLING his 6th house (maternal uncle), because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. 

Throughout his life, Krishna did what was RIGHT, he never sought anyone’s approval, be it friends or foes. 

Rama made his chaste and pure wife go through the fire after all it was a matter of family honour. 

Krishna ensured that his sister ELOPED with Arjuna, never mind that the family would be furious 

Rama abandoned his wife because of a lowely washerman questioned his family’s name because Rama took Sita back as she was “tainted”. 

Krishna married 16000 women liberated from the dungeons of Narakasur. Those women were considered “tainted” and there was only ONE MAN WHO WAS MAN ENOUGH to marry them. 

If there was ever a middle finger given to society, this was a colossal one. 

Throughout his life, Krishna did what was right, he never sought anyone’s approval, be it friends or foes. 

Stood up against his sons: His own sons did not participate in the war as Duryodhana was father-in-law of one of his sons. Unperturbed Krishna marched on to battle. 

Risked disapproval of even Draupadi: My personal favourite example is when he was going to sue for peace to Duryodhana, trying to avoid the war.  Draupadi, who is considered to be very close to him, arguably, next only to Radha, was furious. She marched in and accused Krishna of forgetting her humiliation. She even threatened that her sons would go to war if Krishna, Bheema and Arjuna won’t. 

Krishna placated her by saying that it is unlikely that Duryodhana would listen to him. However, he had to try to save millions of soldiers who would perish in this war, and he can’t sacrifice them all for the sake of her vengeance. He did what was the right thing to do…even if this meant upsetting the people very close to him. 

Rama could not tolerate harsh words of a lowly washerman, Krishna was abused and cursed by many. 

Here are a few examples: 

Ah! Who taught you this low trick, Arjuna?…You have done the deed of a low-bred fellow and foully besmirched your honour. You must have been instigated into it by the son of Vasudeva.


(Denouncing Krishna and Arjuna in the field.)

“Wretch! Son of a slave!…Oh worthless man, sole cause of our destruction, the whole world has condemned your act


(Denouncing Krishna while dying)

Just as Pandavas and Kurus were killing each other, your kinsmen too will kill each other. As your cousins, their sons and grandsons slay each other; you will wander about in the woods in desolation and die a lonely and ignominious death at the hands of a stranger.


(Cursing Krishna in rage)

He risked disapproval of all his foes (6th house). He was accused and abused by his enemies, and even cursed by Gandhari, but Krishna stuck to DOING THE RIGHT THING, without giving the proverbial damn. 

KRISHNA DID JUSTICE…DID WHAT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO…no matter who approved of him or who did not. And thus was able to break the jail of Saturn…!

THAT ladies and gentlemen, is the secret of breaking this prison. 

Putting it all together as a remedy: 

“Wherever Saturn sits, most of your CHALLENGES would come from that house. And you would try to seek approval of that house. The idea is NOT TO SEEK APPROVAL, but to DO THE RIGHT THING…do justice…!”


If you have Saturn in 9th house (you would yearn for your father’s approval, which you won’t get by the way because Saturn spoils the relation of the house where it sits) 

It not your father’s fault…it is your Karma). Be at peace with it, accept it, and even if your father did not do justice to you, do justice to HIM…but STOP SEEKING YOUR FATHER’S APPROVAL. Do Justice, to yourself and your father.

Do something because it is the right thing to do, not because it would make your father happy (or sad). 

If you have Saturn in 4th house: Stop SEEKING YOUR MOTHER’S APPROVAL do the right thing. Do Justice to yourself and your mother.

If you have Saturn in the 5th house: Stop SEEKING YOUR CHILD’S APPROVAL do the right thing. Do Justice to yourself and your child. 

If you have Saturn in the 7th house: Stop SEEKING YOUR SPOUSE’S APPROVAL…do the right thing. Do Justice to yourself and your spouse. 

Let’s say you have a Saturn in the 1st house: Stop SEEKING APPROVAL FROM EVERYONE FOR YOURSELF do the right thing. Do Justice to yourself and everyone. 

So on and so forth…!

Approval seeking would get thrown to ever deeper darker jails of Saturn. 

Whereas doing the right thing and doing Justice would open the doors of liberation for you.

Once you do this, Saturn, the lord of justice, would bless you with wisdom and liberation. And then, just like Krishna, you would overcome  your challenges, without being affected by them. In fact, instead of being burdened by them, you can literally dance over them…

Live liberated, live like Krishna…!

Jai Shri Krishna…!

G. Vijay Kumar


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  • Great article to get insight and handy knowledge to understand what is expected from us to do when Saturn in which house,
    Sir,could you highlights some info on same wrt Saturn when it is placed in 11th house of a horoscope.

  • Great article and very good info.
    Could you please highlight some effects,when Saturn is placed in placed in 11th house of a horoscope.

  • Excellent comparison between the two incarnations sir…so just wanted to know if saturn is in the 11th house…the person needs to stop taking approvals from friends/elder siblings? Also…is it true that 11th house Saturn is bad for progeny

    • thank you for your kind comments. 11th shani is very good. It is true about friends. However, regarding progeny, it depends on the overall chart.

  • Great insights vijay sir…certainly saturn’s position in horoscope is our battlefield in this life! Does saturn in ascendant also mean i should stop bothering about what people think about me?

  • Namaskar Sirji

    I have Saturn in the 9th house. Your post suggests I would never receive approval from my father however I should do what is right from my part.
    Would this only affect the father-son relationship or would it impact all matters relating to the 9th house ( Saturn is in 9th House which is Capricorn in the my chart)?

    Hope you don’t mind explaining very briefly

    • 9th is the house of Father, gurus and Dharma. But usually i have seen challenges with the father. This yoga gives. you a great capacity to do JUSTICE. Use it

      • well said sir,

        and oh I have to tell you this …when I was writing Sir……..I wrote Sai…. so may be baba is supporting me to question this

        well my Saturn is in 9th house and my Ascendant lord tooo……. and as you said ….JUSTICE…….I just don’t know when ever something wrong and unjust happens or something that is just not right …….I just don’t know what happens to me I just cannot tolerate that and at any cost I just try to make justice prevail ……even though it involves offending people and making them my enemies ….. becomes all Saturn by myself.

  • Maybe the difference between Rama and Krishna was the fact that Rama was 14 Kala sampann and Krishna was 16 Kala sampann, meaning a free soul in every sense of the world. Where his planets sat was just a superficial factor in his life. Paramhansa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi says that the more a person becomes spiritual, the more the planets’ effect on him decreases. Citing his own example, Paramhansa Yogananda described how as he progressed on the path of spirituality, his horoscope predictions by his family astrologers stopped coming true. Though his Guru, Sri Yukteshwar Giri, did give him some astrological amulets and made him wear some gemstones in the middle part of his tenure as a disciple with him as he felt that he was not completely out of the influence of planets at that time.

  • Forgot to add, this insight is unique as well as very applicable to me. I have Saturn in my 10th house in the sign of Leo and my efforts and career has always been my battleground. I just cannot seem to be satisfied with my efforts and their rewards.

  • Very interesting to know and very nicely explained. I had your consultation couldn’t get thru fully. I have Saturn in 10th house Libra ascendant species raai and now going thru Ketu- Rahu period, with whom I should stop approval and do Justice.

  • An identical theme (not the remedy part) and probably a precursor to this one was addressed in your June 19 post “Your Battlefield in Life”. Thanks a ton for closing the loop logically (obviously) by addressing the issue head on. Brilliant, but have given up on being surprised some time back 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this article. I have no doubt that it will add to your good karma. This is one of the most eye-opening things I have learnt in astrology, and a beautiful amalgamation of lessons from mythology and logic.

  • In this context how do we relate to the fact that the placement of Saturn in a house enhances the house while its ‘drishti’ is more disruptive?

  • Hey, does this apply to transits or only natal chart placement? Ex: Saturn transiting through 7th house, should stop trying to get approval of spouse/romantic partner in this time period? After that during transit in 8th house, partner will approve but in laws will not so we should not focus on their approval? What about Akshtakvarga score of Saturn in each house? Say it is low in 7th less than 4 (therefore very bad effects during transit) but high points more than 4 in the 8th house (therefore transit may be beneficial not like a prison…?)

  • Sir….If saturn is in 8th house then what can be done for breaking out ? Article is an eye opener indeed…. thanx for beautiful insight u shared …..

    • Thank you for your comments. 8th house saturn is an enigma. 8th is related to “hidden” side of things. So one might want approval of those who are hidden or are far.

  • Hi you post really good articles.
    I saw in your other posts where you mentioned how you open to always learning or exposing yourself to new point of views or informations.

    No wonder what you are saying is true from a perspective of occult science of Astrology which is a part of Vedas and Sri Parasara Muni who is the one introduced astrology has given this science in a more exalted manner.
    Sri Parasara Muni who is none other than Sri Vyasdeva’s father and as u might be also knowing Srila Vyasdeva is a literally incarnation of Narayana who has presented to us in written form all Vedic scriptures in category of 3 different modes of nature for the people of Kaliyuga but he himself belonged to the Brahma Sampradaya knowing to be the disciple of the great sage Srila Narad Muni.
    He at many places have mentioned to take shelter of Sattvo guna puranas as they are there for the ultimate upliftment of soul on the path of self realization to go beyond this mundane plane of repeated birth and death and cycle of karma.

    Why I am mentioning this to you is because many places I have seen you mentioning the activities of Vishnu (Krishna Rama or narayana ) very much on the mundane level locating him just one of the deities of the vast dimensions of demigods.

    From one perspective what u r seeing I am not blaming you for that because the knowledge of knowing transcendence is on three levels one is Brahman , second is Paramatma and Third is Bhagavan.
    The vedic scriptures describes narayana the Bhagavan of office as the original Supreme Personality of Godhead who existed even before Rudra or Brahma existed. You can refer to any Sattvo puranas for that.
    In certain articles of you mentioned that how Narsimha or Vishnu temples denoting to the different planets are very rare to access. Actually there are many vishnu temples around and you just need to worship that part of form of vishnu to ease that planet.

    There is a place in Ugra Stambh in south india where Lord Narsimha dev’s self manifested form has appeared and along with that 9 form of Narsimah depicts the Nav grahas and on how to appease the Navgraha .
    You also mentioned in one of your articles about Sai Baba being Guru of all the Gurus, I understand your affection and biased inclination towards this personality because ofcourse he is one of the empowered being who has helped many on mundane levels to protect them of material miseries of life which is very important to maintain sanity in order to live in this material world but he is not the ruler of Guru.
    Guru or Brihaspati who is Guru of indra is the devotee of Vishnu, if you go deep down into the Vedic scriptures and the practices Vishnu Sahasrama is chanted on Thursdays because the ultimate Guru is Narayana who in the form of Krsna also guided Arjuna with the message of His song Bhagavad Gita.
    The Brihaspativar upvas done for getting the mercy of Goddess laxmi is because she is connected to Narayana and always worshipping the Lotus feet of Narayana.

    There is a difference between mundane morality and Transcedence.
    Your affection for Sai Baba is no one denying, but here are few verses i would quote to you to explain something very deep and it’s natural for you see thing based on your current state of realization.

    Ye yatha mam prapadayante….. Bhagavad Gita as it is 4.11
    All of them as they surrender unto me, I reward them accordingly . Everyone follows my path , in all respects oh son of Prtha.

    Fools deride Me when I descend in this human form. They do not know my transcendental nature and My Supreme dominion over all that be.

    Verse 4.9 : One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not upon leaving the body take his birth again in this material world but attains my eternal abode , Oh Arjuna.

    Verse 9.25 : Those who worship demigods will take birth among the demigods , those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings, those who worship ancestors will go to the ancestors, and those who worship Me will live with Me.

    There are many verses mentioned in the Bhagavd Gita where Krsna declares Himself as Bhagavan.
    There is a verse in Upansihad describing Vishnur Aradhnam Param, which Lord Shiva himself declares Narayana as Supreme.
    In any Vedic texts if u look only Narayana when he speaks its mentioned as “Sri Bhagavan uvacah” when Lord Shiva and Brahma even speaks its mentioned as Sri Rudra Uvacaha or Brahmo Uvacha.

    Only Krsna declares himself as Bhagavan especially in Bhagavad Gita the song of God.
    Bhagavan means the Supreme being who is the possessor of all opulences.
    Krsna means the All Attractive , who possesses who qualities of Bhagavan,
    ALL Powerful
    All Knowledgable
    ALL Beautiful
    All famous
    All Renounced
    All Wealthy

    Many have these qualities in one of limited form but none of them possess these qualities in fullness as how Krsna does.

    Lord Shiva and Krsna story of the fight with Banasura in the ripened fruit of Vedic literature called Srimad Bhagavatam describes about who is the devoted.

    Rama appeared in the Surya vamsha as the maryada Purushottama because He wanted to set an example of how disciplined life a human being must live being in his limitations.
    Being confined by astrology is just one of His pastimes to show mundane scholars and atheists who dont want to see His transcendental nature of his existence.
    About u saying that he is held guilty and all that is just the symptom of this age of Kali and The symptom of less intelligent men of this age.
    The people of the past never did that , because the intelligent beings new the nature of His purpose to set that example and give credit to His Supreme devotee Mother Sita.
    Even in today’s age people would want to give their children the name Rama because of the flawless character He possessed and people worship Him.
    Lord Rama appeared in the limitation even though he is Not Bounded by anyone to set an example ideal human being..
    He appeared on Navami, now u see this , when you multiply the number 9 with any singular number it will add up to 9 only means Lord Rama never stepped out from his boundary of being the Maryada Purushottama, no other being can do that
    9×2=18 (1+8=9)
    9×3= 27 (2+7=9)
    And so on…

    Now Lord Krsna appeared on Ashtami
    8×1= 8
    8×2=16 (1+6=7)
    8×3=24 (2+4=6)
    And so on and then the number adds up to an extra number of 9 and then again starts decreasing.

    So here all numbers are showing reduced by one which means the Supreme Personality of Godhead declares everytime His supremacy by denying the common laws of human being because He is not bounded.
    And then the acintya bheda abedha tattva of having the numbers or quality increase means declaring his beyond human qualities and then again showing how He surpasses all laws of Human nature.

    Lord Shiva no doubt is the lord of all demigods because he rules over the 33 million demigods or Koti demigods within this material world but Lord Vishnu or Narayan who is present in this material world as paramatma and beyond this world as Gabodakshayi Vishnu, or Karnodakshyai Vishnu lying on the causal ocean is beyond all that.

    There is something higher than even than the three divinity symbols of Brahma , khisodakshyai vishnu and Rudra or Shiva u see in this one universes. There are unlimited universes inhaled and exhaled by Karnodaksyai Vishnu lying on the causal ocean in between the material and spiritual world.
    This material world is called Maht tattva which encompasses just 1/4 th part of Lords Creation which Is temporary but the remaining 3/4 th part is indestructible eternal self illuminating and always existing.
    Not just like that Lord Brahma in his prayers called Brahma Samhita say ishvara parama Krishna sac cid Ananda vigraha anadir adir govinda sarva karana karnam, govindam adi purusham tam aham bhajami.
    I worship the primeval lord who is is known as Govinda, the Supreme Godhead. He is
    An eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all and he has no other origin. He is the Prime Cause of all Causes.

    I know u may question if Krsna appeared later how he is the primeval Lord , for that u have dive deep into authentic Vedic scriptures because the texts always conclude Ekala Isvara Krsna Ara sab Bhritya. There is only one Supreme Lord Krsna and all are His servants.

    The Purna Purushottama Bhagavan Sri Krsna.

    My intentions to write this to you was not to demean you in any way but show a different perspective of How Lord and His pastimes work and offer some clarification.
    Whatever I write is not enough as the glorification of Lord is just unlimited that even Shesha Nagas unlimited hoods fall short so who are you and I the limited spirit souls.
    I would suggest you to also refer to exotic astrology youtube page. This man makes great videos and you must hear his definition in connection with scriptures and astrology . Just mental speculation wouldn’t help any of us.
    I dont claim the right to know much about astrology details as I haven’t learnt it deeply and I dont reserve the rights for it but the base where I felt I have more exposure to connect it with your basis of interpretation I wanted to express the thoughts on it.
    Keep helping people , you are doing a great job.

    • Thank you for taking time to write such a long comment. While i have my own theories and don’t subscribe to the idea of Krishna being the “Supreme Personality of Godhead” all the same i respect your views and your right to hold them. Personally i subscribe to the theory of Sada-Shiv and Aadi-Shakti.

  • Why did Gandhari’s curse actually consume all the kinsmen and descendants of Krishna, and was even the cause of his own death through the arrow of a hunter piercing his foot ? Since Gandhari’s curse was a direct result of the Mahabharat war and the destruction of the Kauravas for which she blamed Krishna directly, does this show that even righteous actions can have extreme negative consequences, and there is no escape from any Karma, despite what Krishna preached to Arjun in the Bhagvadgita ? And does the giver/pronouncer of such a terrible curse have to face any karmic consequences of their own ?

    • Yes Karma is deep…Even Vishnu himself had to face the consequences. however great souls like Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh Ji face the results of their Karma with grace and stoic acceptance, even a blissful calm. We can only hope to follow their example.

  • Dear Sir,
    Great article. In fact awesome.
    But in the case of Shani in 1st house of Taurus or Gemini Mrigshira what does ” do justice, do the right thing ” actually imply TO DO exactly and how (aside from not seeking approval from everyone for your self ?).

  • Ever since you advised me about Keta mahadasha and letting go, I always come back to your blog to glean more wisdom from your wonderful writing. This was such a brilliant article and precisely what I like about your work. You link astrology with practical solutions. So, thank you for this article!

    Just one question – what about Saturn in the 5th house for those who are unmarried and don’t have kids yet? I would love to implement this article’s wisdom in my life but I don’t know if/when I am getting married (let alone having any children), so not sure what my prison break context should be.

    Also, thanks again for your advice about Ketu MD. Mine has been normal in terms of health and safety but has brought a lot of struggle and problems in career and relationship (running Venus AD now). However, I’m coping well without too many tears because I’m blessed with a family that provides me unconditional love and support. So, I thank Lord Ganesha for that and pray to him and Lord Vishnu daily but for my peace of mind, instead of handing over a list of materialistic demands. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words. Now 5th is not only children it is also LOVERS…and Ketu-Venus is a really bad time for romance. Also in Ketu learn to let go and accept things as they come.

  • Extremely astute observation and research. I always look forward to reading your articles Sir. I had taken a consultation with you as well and certain advises you gave are always at the back of my mind. Thank you.

  • Vijay sir , first of all a heartful thanks to you and a big fan of yours and your wonderful works. Sir I have shani in 9th house . And I have one of the wrost combination moon+Rahu in 8th house and at the starting of Rahu mahadasha I have depression and anaxity for 10 years . I am scorpio langa and 28 years old . I have gone through two major mahadasha guru and Rahu . And out of this I have seen this guru MD -sahni AD and Rahu MD-shani are very very though for me . Shani antardasha brings havoc to me loss in carrier, relationship problems , heath problem severe allergy and ashtama. Why my shani period is so tough I don’t understand . And I have seen tremendous loss in my carrier due to the influence of my father . I always listen to my father when I take major decisions of my life and this habit brings tremendous loss in my carrier .

  • So true. I only care for my mother, in true sense. Yes, other people are there they exist. For me, my mother doesn’t exist. She LIVES for me. And I have a very understanding that, Still I won’t get her approval. And it’s true. No matter what I do, the Bars are always high. though I know, I have to do my thing, but this post Assures me. Thanks a ton. Sat in 4th for me, Scorpio Asc, Revati Pada-1

  • This is an epic post! Your perspectives are thought provoking and fresh. Amazing! How does one break through a retrograde 10th house Shani? Thanks in advance.

    • thank you for your kind words. You need to stop seeking approval of seniors big people and goveremnt. You should do your karma and not bother about what other people will think of your “reputation”

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