At times I get some messages like “I am planning to commit suicide. Please help me.”

For starters, I REFUSE TO TAKE CASES OF SUICIDAL PEOPLE.My instant reaction is to ask the person to call suicide helpline and block him.

Here are the reasons: 

  • I think they need psychiatric help and suicide helpline more than astrological remedies. We astrologers are not trained or equipped to handle such situations.
  • Nobody wants their name in the “recently called” list of someone who is about to commit suicide. Kindly call a suicide helpline and not me.
  • Then there are those who are simply trying to blackmail me into giving them a free consultation.  The simple answer is NO. 


There is a reason that all religions and spiritual scriptures are unanimously against the idea of suicide. Because all the enlightened beings knew that it would add to the misery of the being in future. All ancient and modern saints off and on stopped people from committing suicide. There are may stories of Sai Baba preventing people from killing themselves. If Enlightened Saints like Sai Baba do something, it always has a deep meaning.

However, for those who are mulling over suicide, here is my advice based upon the study of scriptures: 


You can’t run away from your Karma….!

You can work your way THROUGH karma but you cannot avoid it. What has to be endured, has to be endured. You can leave your body but your Karma will chase your soul…then what would you do? 


ADVICE #2: SUICIDE WILL MAKE IT ONLY WORSE: You will get downgraded.

Nature gave you a car (your body and other assets), to complete your karmic journey. However you decided to crash that car (commit suicide). Now, nature this time, nature may give you a bike or even a cycle.

Now you have to face the same journey only with less resources and increased difficulties. May be next time you are not this educated, have this support, may be you are born in an oppressive country, you can even be born with a deformity, and you would definitely be poorer and weaker. 

In next life you will face the similar situation, only made worse. Changing your address doesn’t clear your credit card debt…just your case goes to hard recovery….!



There is no eternal damnation, no matter how bad times are, they always come to an end. Best way is to live your life, is with acceptance of Karma and knowing the truth that times keep changing. By working out our Karma we not only clear the mess, but we develop strength and wisdom required for the future. So hang in there. 



You would not only clean up your karmic mess (by enduring the onslaught of bad times) you would also be stronger and wiser. So guess what if you did your best in this life, nature will consider you worthy of an upgrade in the next one.

So folks, I hope you have learned a thing or two from this and are not thinking of ending your life any more.


If still you feel suicidal, kindly call a suicide helpline and not me.


God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

18 Thoughts on “SUICIDE WON’T HELP YOU”

  • I always appreciate the practical approach of yours. Astrology is not the solution for everything. few things you have to fight from within. And articles like this definitely helps. When thinking rationally, few doubts always creep in and you answer to them always make some sense.

  • Agree. Suicide can never be the solution or escape from any problem – rather it may complicate and worsen the problem itself. I also wish to add that suicide cannot be “planned” and “declared” in advance to become a suggestive step of resolution of an astrological query. And as very correctly stated by Sh. Vijay Kumar ji, such queries may put the astrologer into unwanted legal implications. I would suggest if you can apply filter to block the messages with word “suicide” in messages.
    The articulation of Sh Vijay Kumar ji to put facts in simple and interesting way is also worth appreciating

  • There areany so called spiritual practices and so called spiritual mantras and new age philosophies that tell you, you can come out of this cycle of karma.

    Very big thing to claim … According to my understanding.

    For example one of my friend believes if he does a certain type of mantra and a particular homa on a particular day…. Bad karmas worth of thousands of life times is deleted/nullified.

    I attended one such homa once … I had fever for 3 days.

    I am a keen observer of claims by various spiritual gurus and disciples. I put myself regularly to the disposal of such claims as a guinea pig.

    I would appreciate you view points on these. Thank you in advance.

    • KARMA HAS TO BE WORKED OUT. Those who say that your Karma will be wiped out by some mantra are fooling you. You can balance the scales either by SERVING or by suffering…!

      Even great souls like Ramana Maharisihi and Rama Krishna had to suffer…guess they could have had a billion chants…!

      Mantras don’t wipe your karmas

      Mantras actually clean your chakras you are able to THINK WISELY and accept the harsh circumstances and still be unperturbed. THAT’S how they work

      • Karma can be wiped out by Mantra , you just need to master it. Not all Karma can be wiped out by mantra. Example , killing a “Real Brahmin” Bramha Hatya” Even Indra could not wipe it out. So there are different levels of karma and its effects. Don’t just flat out say it cannot be done. Mantras will ease it out and will give one the power to endure it during the hard times. Like in a desert you will find a camel to ride to an Oasis when you think one cannot go any further.

        • That is a debatable issue. Some say Kriya yoga can remove it, some say mantra, however when i see great souls like Ramakrishna suffer, I am convinced of power of karma.

      • Sir, doesn’t Sai Baba say he can wipe out bad karma in SSC? Please refer to Chapter 29 and Dr.Pillay story. He himself says why suffer now. I will wipe your Karmas.

  • i just have a small question. I am suicidal. It has run through generations in my family. I dont have to think about suicide…. I have to forcefully think about not committing suicide…… so shall it be regarded as I am trying to escape my karma? Or is being suicidal my karma??? Its certainly a blockage and one needs to fight it, instead of giving in. But I think being suicide is karmic sometimes, as being mad is.

    Also,is there nothing that can be done to a suicidal person, spiritually? Psychology prescribes medicines, but sometimes I think there are deeper meanings related to such destructive urges, and spirituality/astrology can really help those people in need!!!They need help most !!!Of course,practically speaking, the process is troubling and non-rewarding for the astrologer.

    • It is not that we don’t want to help…but would you want your number as the last dialled in the phone of a person who committed suicide? Also spiritual remedies take time. First try psychological and medical treatments. You can do astrological remedies over and above those. Most important thing to do is to HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE…! Thank god for all that you have.

    • You need company of a true spiritual being who can make you look towards the God’s blessings and this looking towards God’s blessings should continue throughout life. That’s the only solution to any psychological issue. I strongly recommend attending prayers at Ramakrishna Mission.

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