“Rahu is exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio” I often hear this and shake my

head in bitter amusement. This is one of the points which force me to think that


Thankfully, now people are waking up to the fact and instead of believing

everything that is written, they are applying their own logic to things. And many

of new age’s reputed astrologers agree something that I have been arguing since

a long time “Rahu is NOT exalted in Taurus and Ketu is NOT exalted in Scorpio”.

Here’s the truth:


While there were hints all along, very few were able to show the courage to take

the road less travelled and question the scriptures through logic and reach a

logical conclusion. I often say that “ASTRO-LOGICAL” HAS TO BE LOGICAL”

Applying this logic I was able to reach my simple conclusion (of course the

blessings of the Mother Divine always make things easy and you get intuitive


While people give logic that Taurus is a materialistic sign of Venus, a friend of

Rahu, still something was missing. Scorpio is a sign of Mars and co-ruled by Ketu

but still something was missing. Most of all, I could not swallow that chaotic

planet Rahu would be exalted in the most fixed of all signs, Taurus. Further research brought me more light. 

Let’s look at why Gemini wins over Taurus as exaltation sign of Rahu and Sagittarius beats Scorpio hands down when it comes to claim the sign of Ketu’s exaltation. 

For this you need IN DEPTH knowledge of both Rahu-Ketu and 12 signs.

Rahu is the “Severed Head” of demon Swar Bhanu, who was beheaded by

Vishnu. He is the plotter, schemer, liar, the fabled “Shaitan Khopdi” or “Demon Head”. Now which sign has “heads” as symbols? Answer is Gemini. And which sign is the the champion liar of all 12? Gemini again. Rahu joins the two heads of the Gemini twins and becomes the third head and enjoys the company of intelligent twin heads bringing his own shades of evil genius.

For most  scammers, speculators, evil geniuses, I have seen have a combination of Mercury + Rahu. Mercury and Rahu just love each other and these two together rule things like speculation, share market and scams in general. And for the record Venus is the teacher of Rahu and not a friend, while Mercury is a buddy. Where would you be happier? At your teacher’s house or your best friend’s house? Most of all, Rahu is chaotic airy planet which is at his best in chaotic air sign of Gemini. 

Then let’s come to Ketu, “Ketu is the severed Torso” of Swarbhanu. There is only one sign in the zodiac which has a dominant torso as a part of it, SAGITTARIUS.

Moreover Ketu is often misunderstood. It is called a malefic planet because it tends to bring misfortunes in material life, but it is a highly SPIRITUAL planet. Now again, which is themost religious sign of all? Sagittarius again. When Ketu enters Sagittarius, the two torsos together become more powerful and the sense of intense religiousness that is inherent in Sagittarius is fuelled by ascetic monk Ketu who feels totally at home at this religious sign with a torso to accompany him. Thus it becomes EXALTED in Sagittarius.

I rest my case.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar







  • Sir,
    I Just read your article THE RAHU KETU EXALTATION DEBATE I really liked it very much. Sir I myself studied Astrology I am a person of Capricorn Ascendant and having my Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius . and currently I am going through rahu M.D. and Chandra A.D. there is lot of mental stress as u said and just waiting for mangal antardasha. please write more articles your articles are very knowledgeable .
    Thanking u
    Abhishek Wankhede

    • This is Atul Gupta, age 35. Chandra Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha is arguably the toughest possible time for a man when the mind is under huge tension and depression. I faced this time when I was in my class 11th and 12th and it sent my career badly off track. As I was not matured enough, I was hugely depressed. I just could not study properly and my parents took me to Psychiatrist who gave me sedatives to calm down. Surya and mangal antardasha are not any good either.

      But I found the solution to this mental stress in Guru Mahadasha which was heavenly. Just take a piece of paper and write all the things God has given you in this life. Once the feeling of gratefulness comes in the mind, the depression just evaporates. Worshipping Lord Shiva will work wonders. If I had known this, I could have handled the horrid time much better.

  • Nice article sir, but somehow up until I read this article i feel like i was misled all this while into thinking that ketu exalts in scorpio. I have Mars and Ketu as Asc in scorpio and all this while I had this pride of having this combination and it has so far given me spiritual values and sense of detachment….. And i used to think that its because of ketu exaltion in scorpio I was this spiritual…. If as per your analysis if ketu exalts in saggitarious, then what result it would give me being in Asc together with Mars in scorpio? Thank You Ji.

  • I observed while reading the Shiv sahastra naam strotam that out of the 9 planets only 4 are mentioned by lord vishnu in the praise of a thousand names:

    Om Suryaaye Namah – Sun
    Om Chandraaye Namah – Moon
    Om Shanye Namah – Saturn
    Om Ketave Namah – Ketu

    That means these planets are the divine lord himself. So despite how bad Saturn/Ketu can be for anybody, they maybe due to the person’s faults in previous births but they (planets) are doing it for a reason. If the lord can behead his own son so who are we mere humans for him or these planets? It all happens to crush our ego. So whatever be the condition just pray to lord always without expectations. It’s on his grant our souls are given a body and he can take it back anytime and by any way be it a simple cardiac arrest in sleep or a brutal accident. Har Har Mahadev. Om Namah Shivaay. 🙏

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