All right, so if someone asks you which is the most important planet for you, most people would answer Saturn, some would say Sun, some Moon, rest may come up with personal favourites like Venus, Mars, Mercury, and even Rahu and Ketu. 

But what most of the people, especially and tragically the astrologers miss out on would be the MOST IMPORTANT PLANET….MOTHER EARTH. 

How many of us have actually ignored this planet running after the planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn?

You would pour oil onto a tree, you would throw flowers, coins, or even coal in running water. You would do a lot of funny things some of them totally unreasonable, so that some planet sitting far away would be kind to you. But you DO NOT give a damn about the Mother Earth, the planet that gives you life, brings you up, and provides you with nourishment, air, food, water, shelter, and what not. 

Even if all 9 planets are not in your favour, you can still live, but Mother Earth can kill you in a matter of seconds. But she does not do this despite all the abuse, because she is “Mother” Earth. And she is a much better mother than any human mother can ever be. But we are not willing to love her back. 

We are afraid of throwing oil on the wrong tree as it might bring you ire of Saturn. But we kill tree after tree mercilessly, without thinking about the ire of earth. We offer water to the Sun god, but don’t blink while polluting water of the rivers that are veins of Mother Earth.


You think that you can live happily after abusing the very planet you live on? Mother Earth sustains all the evil and abuse, but when she hits back, there is nowhere to run.  People go on destroying rivers and forests, then complain when there are floods and droughts. They go on killing the ecosystem, and then wonder why nature turns barren and gives them a hot desert or floods as a punishment. You burn plastic, coal and fossil fuel with impunity, and then you wonder why your children get allergies. 


Get this: The Earth is NOT DEAD. 

It is very much alive. How do you explain the growth of a seed?

Just adding water won’t do it (by the way water comes from the Earth itself) but again only water won’t do it. You need the X factor that only soil contains. Something in the soil makes them grow. That’s the secret to LIFE. It is right beneath your feet, and you never pause to focus on the beauty of this miracle and benefit from it. Haven’t you noticed how full of LIFE you become once you come back from a nature trip? 



Looking at the flowing river would heal your emotions better than a psychologist with a ridiculous fee. Gazing at the Ganga at Haridwar during night time is my personal favourite activity (I prefer night as daytime is very crowded).

A day in a nature park or jungle would recharge and rejuvenate you while a day in the concrete jungle would drain your very soul. Try visiting Shanghai or Delhi after spending a few days in a nature and try to remain half as energetic.  (I personally hate the skyline of Gurgaon…the sheer amount of concrete makes me nervous and dull).

We human beings face so many hardships because as a species we have abused the Mother Earth like none other. And that is despite our higher levels of consciousness, we have used our intelligence as a weapon in order to damage and exploit the Mother Earth. We have killed rivers and lakes, created illogical constructions (illegal is a small term), looted the trees that keep us breathing, even oceans are not safe from our stupid greed. We will throw all our filth in the sea and then complain about polluted beaches. 

We are worse than beasts in this case. A fish won’t steal the sands from the river, a monkey won’t cut the trees.  The lion can’t help it if it has to eat meat. We can definitely avoid killing calves in front of their mothers and eating them. We can avoid wearing leather that we show off as “original”.

We all can’t be tree huggers, but we all can definitely move to a more nature-friendly lifestyle, not your eco-friendly corporate crap, but making little adjustments to would go a long way. We all can feed some birds, plant a few trees, clean up some river, use less plastic, stop wasting water, and so on.

Forget all other remedies, if you would only love Mother Earth, and are kind to her other children (plants and animals), she would love you back. 

That, people, is the best remedy there is, for the most important planet. Take care of it. 


God Bless,


G. Vijay Kumar

PS: We will walk the talk. We will soon switch to nature-friendly packaging (NO PLASTIC). We would use beautiful cardboard boxes and paper packaging, it might cost a little extra to me, but hey we got to do some remedy for the most important planet of all. 


  • Your spirit brought tears to my eyes- because it is me.
    Must be the Guru Chandal Combination. God, I love it.

    Sometimes you have to be forceful, you have to be rash, you have to step outside of the boundaries and let your expressions flow with intense passion. No one would question a mother going on a ravaging spree for her child in the face of danger.

    Block up the ink factories water pipes! Burn their buildings down! Whoever’s polluting cause them obstruction. But be merciful to the lives of those caught in the struggle like we also are. (Ie.- don’t destroy any building that even has one person (worker) in it. Without somehow letting them know. Giving them warning)

    Cause the polluters mischief!
    Like a mother who fights the one who tries to harm her baby.
    Righteous War is necessary. Don’t you think? I certainly do.

  • Article is exellent, full of emotions. While reading one could feel the pain Our mother earth is going through….. Really a brilliant message.. Need of an hour!!

  • Eating meat and wearing leather is natural. Nowadays it has become a fashion to shun meat and leather in the mistaken belief that it will somehow heal the earth. Fact is that it will not. In fact, teaching people to hunt and harvest meat and leather will go a long way in making the world sustainable.

    • I beg to differ. Imagine this an advance aline race comes and starts “cultivating” humans for their flesh and skin….? sounds horrible, right? Similarly I feel pity for animals. God willing soon science will start to develop organ harvesting and we won’t need to kill billions of animals every year for meat and leather. and there would be no need to rear so many animals and exploit limited resources. Needless to say the viloence and bad karma of torturing and killing a helpless animal.

      • I respectfully disagree. When I see an animal being killed for meat, it seems very a natural event to me, devoid of any negative or bad vibrations. This is also why I avoid talking to or associating with vegetarians (lest their fragile feelings may get hurt). But for some strange reason, I have many vegetarian friends. Some of these friends turned veggie when they saw an animal being slaughtered by their own eyes but nothing of the sort ever happened to me. Nor do I fit the popular stereotype of meat eaters being atheists or non-spiritual or non-religious. For me, the two have always been separate compartments and I have always felt that God understands me even though his devotees may not.

        • read my another article. I have written about how some of the best people in my life are meat eating athiests (including my best friend) what you DO is much more important than what you eat.

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