Whenever the BIG THREE  “SHANI RAHU AND KETU” run together in Mahadasha, Antardasha, and Pratyandardasa (E.g. Ketu MD-Rahu AD-Shani PD or any such combination of the three). Check your chart to see what happened to you.

This is a very frustrating and surreal time. Thankfully, it lasts only TWO MONTHS.

During these two months there is very little that you can do. It is better to lie low, take no risks and spend time in meditation and spiritual activities. ONLY GOD CAN HELP YOU during these two months, surrender to Him.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar,

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  • Dear Mr. Vijay,

    I found you today. I am running Saturn MD, Rahu AD, and Ketu PD. I came here to read about Rahu MD and AD. My father was a qualified astrologer, later he stopped studying people’s charts. I am a 33 year old unmarried woman and life has brought me to astrology somehow. I have been reading so many people, but your writing is like being in a class, like a guru. I pray to God that your willingness to share your wisdom, knowledge and such deep reflection (which also comes by experiencing many horoscopes and lives first hand) should bring you good karma, blessing and a lot of love from all of us who read it. Thank you so much for writing this. I was a staunch athiest growing up in my teens (a rebel manglik) and I didn’t believe even in my father. But astrologers like you who write without creating fears and myths by owning the power and ability to read charts, create hope. Thank you for sharing your work. Lots of love and regards. I would write to you regarding a consultation.

    • Dear Vandana Ji,

      This is one of the best comments I ever had. I am honoured, and such comments give me motivation to write more.

      It is funny that moments ago i wrote in my daily journal that i should share my knowledge and my knowledge should not die with me. Then your comment is the first one I see. Perhaps this is a sign that I should write more. Mysterious are the ways of nature.

      I feel happy that my articles were able to bring your some insights. However, the credit of it lies with God and Guru.

      I am a simple human being, all this knowledge comes through the grace of God and Guru. They are worthy of praise, not me.

      Will keep writing more.

      God Bless,

  • Sir,
    I read your articles and I do like them sir I request you to write on match making like which Lagna Rashi will have good companion with which rashi for marriage purpose. like I a person is Capricorn Ascendant which companoin will be suitable for him Karka, tauras or virgo.

  • Sir, I am going through Saturn MD, Rahu AD, and Ketu PD right now and oh boy is it crazy! It’s hard to cope with the stress and pressure. There is little peace of mind and no time for unwinding. However, its still a better time for me than sat-rah-rah and sat-rah-sat when it seemed like all hell went loose in my life. Double impact of any of these 3 (saturn, rahu, ketu) proved to be even more difficult for me than all 3 together.

    • things can vary a little depending upon the placement of the planets. However, i am yet to meet anyone who says that these 2 months were good for him.

    • Mind blowingly accurate prediction of Ketu MD..Ihave successfully crossed the first 2 years..lost job, lost income, change in place…turned to spirituality and in Moon AD…anxious about Rahu AD… Heartfelt thanks to u Sir…keep writing to help us stay afloat the tough times…!!!

  • Sir, doing some research on Rahu, found this site. You have covered many interesting topics in your posts, keep up the good work !

    Coming to the question of Sat-Rahu-Ketu time period, I went through this combo back in 2017. It was nothng like what you have described. I had a good time ! I keep telling my astrologer friends that Rahu & Venus are my best friends, it is JUPITER who troubles me. They go on and on about how Jupiter is an umblemished benefic and I am like No, Sir…please observe carefully 🙂

    I will discuss my chart with you, my karma is such that standard rules of Astrology don’t apply there 🙂

  • Sir, on the contrary, these two months were very good in my Ketu Mahadasha. My financial difficulties got eased though expenditure did increase exponentially.

  • That was so TRUE! Just went through KETU-SATURN- RAHU in may/2019… man, that was so frustrating, so unfair, so unreal… the things that happened to me hurt like hell…. and I still am not completely healed yet (23/09)

  • Sir I am profound reader of your articles and the honesty in bringing the real experience will give an insight during the freight period of ketu mahadasHa which I am facing from 2013.i have lost all and faced humiliation and also fights with family members.
    Currently I am in last phase ketuMD sarurnAD and Raju PD must have ended on 26th September 2019as per my both horoscope of 25/11/1963 @14.10 at bangalore.ketu MD and Saturn AD will change on 15 Oct.
    If any of members can give an insight it will be help ful

  • Hello Sir, God bless you with more knowledge so we can read and be aware. Your writing helps me a lot also in my consultations.
    Just cheked my sa-ke-ra-ke period, and I met a man who was married and it totaly was a mistake, that lasted for 2 more years and endet in so much pain and karmic debt to clean up next 10 years.. Just saying that it is not always bad, but in this period you can really see how the door to hell is open and without guidence you can step right in and then see what happens.. So you whrite, please do. So that who read are aware what hell is offering. Thank you for your time and wisdom.

  • I follow all’your articles regularly . they are actually showing reality .and also same comments by almost every follower . particular your research experience prediction on ketu is marvelous and showing reality as i haven’t seen anybody i follow you.
    I am also running ketu mahadasha.
    Started in June running Budh antardasa from June 2019.
    But whatever you have mentioned is almost reality word by word . but
    Only thing as mentioned by u that
    There is relief in Budh antardasa.
    But i AM not expereincing any relief
    Situation improvement looking.u have mentioned ketu Sting in Last phase
    That also happened this month.which is severe worst in Life.finished all’savings and debts increasing.bussiness losses increasing.fully dishearted and 24 hours thinking worried.lost hope.
    My Kumbh lagna.rahu in in 3rd shukra in4th.
    Surya.budh in 5th.chandra..mangal in 6th.ketu in 8th. Shani in 10 th.
    What is your trading i shall continue my life same through out Life or have some normal Life in future.
    Actually ketu MD affect started in
    Budh md Last period.but my first 2.3 years were not so bad.actually better period .and position started worsening 2nd. Part of ketu MD and worsening in 3rd part of ketu MD….

  • Also checked old history my worst period was same two’months mentioned in your this article and also start of worst period in life.had i earlier read this and followed this
    I could have been saved from further problems.but only thing We have face our Last karma.

  • Not like that still facing daily tension problems.but become hope ful after reading your articles commens that such things are common in ketu mahadasha and not permanent and only happening to me.and after this every thing will be normal and have good time.
    Regd… hukumar

  • Sir I recently read your article on ketu Mahadasha. Thanks a ton for describing the effects of Ketu MD through each antardasha so precisely. While reading I felt I am reading a complete compilation of my suffering in the past 6 years and 10.months of Ketu MD. I lost my father, I went through depression, got thyroid, my confidence shredded into bits and now with two months to go before Ketu ends, I lost my job. With a responsibility to run my family , I have no clue to go ahead. I hope the Venus MD that follows will yield good results for me.

    My Ketu shall end on Dec 21, 2019. I belong to the moon sign Cancer (Aug 20, 1979)

    Your article, along with being informative was extremely motivational. Please keep writing. Thank you so much

    • Thank you for your kind words. Ketu is tough on most people, and Venus is good for most. So i can safely say that you would have a better DAsa coming. And don’t worry about the job loss, with Mahadasa change, such things happen…but they prove to be good for you.

  • Sir, your articles are very very impressive. It’s quite informative to a layman like me. Looking at your knowledge, I felt like, I should get my personal chart reading from you. However, I don’t have knowledge of my Time of Birth. I don’t know, if you would still be able to help me out with it still….

    I am in deep pain, no single income for me since beginning of 2017. All I am surviving on is borrowed money. Business collapsed, no marriage, living all alone, separate from family. Now it feels very difficult to bear, can you please help me sir in getting some clarity

    • Dear Ayesha Ji,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. However, i cannot help you without the knowledge of your time of birth. All I would suggest is do the Shani Rahu and Ketu mantra and keep their yantras. That should get you some relief.

      Warm Regards

  • Sir,
    I read your article on Ketu Mahadasha recently and it is really impressive. I am in the middle of my Ketudasaha, it started in Oct 2015. The most difficult part started in Rahu AD where a series of circumstances led to the point that my mother stopped talking to me! The most surprising part is that all this was caused due to a problem which happened 10 years before! My brother in law cheated a huge amount of money from me but luckily I was able to get it back from him after some persuasion. It soured a lot of relationships in the family. It must be the “magic” of Ketu – suddenly the problem that was settled 10 years before suddenly comes up again and my mother has been led to believe that I am the one who did wrong and she severed relationship with me.
    Halfway through ketudasha, and I have learnt what detachment means. I am Libra ascendent with Venus in 9th house, so I know Venus Mahadasha would be good for me, but I dont even care about the glory Venus might bring. I have already reached a stage where I know detachment from all earthly matters is the best way to deal with the enormous pain offered by Ketu. I love painting and drawing, and immersing myself in creating artwork is another way to find peace. Art is like meditation for me now, where I create art for peace of mind, unlike in Mercury Mahadasha where I created art for praise and glory.

  • I have only been through only one combination, Rahu MD Saturn AD Ketu PD and it was not two months, it was nearly almost exactly 6 months… Also I went through extreme highs and lows in that period (like good and bad alternate)

  • This is so true Sir. Just wanting to share my experience here.
    I am going through one of the toughest times of my life i.e Ketu mahadasha. In this ketu mahadasha I have lost a lot of reputation and has got a lot of downfall. My ketu is in 5th house of capricorn and my saturn is debilitated in 8th house. My Rahu is in 11th house with venus. Sir during my Ketu mahadasha rahu antardasha and saturn pratyandasha I was literally living in a hell. I was depressed and was maintaining casual sex relations and was tormented by family and wanted to do suicide as well. Now my jupiter antardasha is going to start and lets hope for the best. But this rahu antardasha was tormenting for me. Another tormenting period was Ketu MD Sun AD where I got humiliated and cried in front of 20 people and my pride(not ego) was shattered. My mercury mahadasha was so awesome as my mercury is exalted in lagna and I want to achieve high success in life but now when I am in Ketu MD either I am lathargy always or I am getting disinterest in studies. Some astrologers say thats because of ketu in 5th house of education and buddhi and 5th lord also debilitated. Dont know but now just hoping for a good venus dasha as ketu has not broken my ambitionds but my confidence and ego has been broken and now I like to remain more in background.

    • It happnes…the high intellectual horses of Mercury get butchered in Ket. The intellecrtual arrogance gives way to confusion followed by apathy and then redemption…wait for Shukra dasa to start.

  • Sir,
    I am going through rahu mahadasha and mars antardasha . I just need to ask you how is Guru Mahadasha for Makar lagna people whether it is good or bad. as it is karak of third and twelth house. I have read that twelth house mahadasha is very tense for a person please guide . Than you.

  • thanks for sharing your experience. Never a happy time when these 3 get together. However, not necessarily that every venus-rahu person would turn promiscuous. 😀 there are a lot of pepole with strong cahrts and charachters

  • Venus(Shukracharya) is the teacher/Commander of asuras, right? Rahu and ketu are two beloved disciples of Shukra. Then why such animosity? Why such a hard time in ketu-Venus?

    • Good question. Contrary to the popular belief, Ketu is a DEVA planet, most sattvic he loves Guru and Hates Shukra…Rahu loves Shukra and hates Jupiter.

  • Totally agree with your research findings. I believe there should be some remedy, which is beyond human intelligence to find, that helps to minimize the negative impact during these two months.

  • Good day Sir, I am from Chennai.

    Currently going through KETU MD and RAGHU AD. Very painful – Job in trouble, health and debts.
    Will be entering GURU AD from 12-June-2020.
    Lost my mind, sleep and fearing for all and everything

    Will there be stability in job from GURU AD?

    Based on your writings , your experience the content you have shared is great. Rare of the rarest.
    Gem of info. Please continue to support people with your expertise.

    Thanks and waiting for your reply

    • thank you for sharing your experience. Ketu – Jupiter is usally a good time for the native. Hope it brings you peace.

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