Out of all people, the children of Venus, Tula (Libra) and Vrishabh (Taurus) lagna, are the luckiest.

For starters, they are almost always good looking, popular among friends, family and opposite gender, often successful in love.

However, the biggest benefit is that they have a strong GODFATHER…


When these lazy lads want something…they don’t have to work very hard in most of the cases…something like this happens:


DEAL DONE….! They get what they want…!

When Shani is your Godfather, there is hardly anything that you desire that you can’t get.

Then while most people suffer through Shani dasha…these people have a gala time most often than not, as Saturn is their YOGKARAKA…!

When Venus is your daddy and Saturn is your Godfather…LIFE’S GOOD…!

Jai Shani Dev…!


God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar




  1. Dear sir
    My father is a Tula lagna native but of all the above you mentioned do not fit at all to him.
    Good looks- he is the darkest in complexion as one could be with medium height
    Popular among friends- No friend circle
    Family and opposite gender- Faced immense emotional trauma from family members including mother!
    often successful in love- my mother whom he loves a lot but scares her completely with his behavioural issues
    Why is this such an exception?

  2. Hi sir I born in Tula lagna pisces sign with Saturn in 1 St house and Venus , Mercury in 9 th. I felt luckiest in education wealth and popularity. Even I got some spiritual blend also. Since Saturn as my yogakaraka he taught me many lessons. Most often when I felt helpless from surrounding humanity some unknown hands came to protect me. Since I have in kethu dasa now I feeling little bit tough period. Kethu Venus seems to be hectic for me faced death due to one close woman relatives occult activity but return to life so quickly. I following u it seems worth beneficial for me. Thank you sir.

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