Dear Reader,

When I started out as a professional astrologer, Quora was my first social media platform and the foundation of my success in astrology was laid on the grounds of Quora. This is the platform that gave me my initial clients and brought me some great friends. I WOULD ALWAYS BE THANKFUL TO QUORA.

However, with time I got busy with my practice and went less and less on Quora. Still I would take out one or two days in a month and post a few answers. It wasn’t much fun anymore. With explosion of cheap internet, the quality of questions, content, and readers was diluted.

When I started out in 2016, Quora used to be a place for intellectual discussions which was moderated by intelligent people. Unfortunately, by 2018 this was a place full of idle teenagers asking silly questions and unemployed engineers posting memes, and was monitored by mindless BOTS.

Still for old time’s sake I continued to answer selective questions that could have helped people. However, in September 2018 I was shocked to see 10-15 of my answers were taken down by Quora moderation, I appealed and succeeded in getting 90% of them reinstated. But, that shook my confidence in Quora Moderation based on low quality bots. After that I decided NOT to write anymore answers on Quora and save my content for myself. True to my word, I did not write a single word on Quora after that…till today.

Today March 31, 2019, was the final straw. Again Quora took out more than 10 of my answers. My appeals were rejected as well.

This time I was angry (never make a Saturn child angry…! ) Like a double Capricorn that I am I decided to hit back.

  • I filed a complaint on Quora official page.


  • I wrote a scathing blog post on Quora addressing their moderation and telling them that I won’t be writing any more till this concern is solved.


  • Immediately after that, I took some of my best answers and put it on this website. It took me 4 hours of work to go through 500+ answers and hand pick the ones I really liked and put them on my website. But I was glad that I did that. Now Quora can delete all 500 of my answers at one go, I don’t give a damn…!


May be Quora should hire bots to write for them as no self-respecting writer would put up with the mindless moderation.

I have asked my team to look at other venues like Medium and Instagram which we can use for content sharing and brand awareness. However, sad to say I have had it with Quora.

Dear Readers/Quora followers: Please keep visiting this site and commenting.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

Dear Quora: Thanks for everything. But guess this was it.



  • Hi Vijay,
    thank you for returning to your site with such a bang and so much to share, trust me 4 months were really quite on your site with no blogs posted due to your time out to write your book, understood, and then we get hit with all the goodies. Bless you and thank you .

    • Thank you Sathish Ji. You actually have to thank Quora for this. They made me angry enough to put my content on my blog 😀

  • Thanks for share this. I was looking for some insights about to answer Astrology questions or not in Quota. I will start in Quota but at the second they start deleting my answers I will quit it.

    I don’t know about Medium. Isn’t Medium like a shared blog or something like that? It is good to respond to people Astrology questions?

  • Dear Sir,

    What is the pending karma theory? As some youtubers sharing videos you/relatives have done this things therefore you are facing this trouble !

    • Basis of Astrology is KARMA what goes around comes around. If you or your ancestors did something bad, the effects will follow you. I have seen terrible yogas in third and fourth generations of politicians criminals policemen and landlords. One should be careful of Karma

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