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Why does prediction get changed from one astrologer to another, and is there any chance that, with time, predictions could change?

Because astrologers change.

So let me reveal a secret, most of the times we can see a good or a bad period as per the planets.

As a general rule 90% of people look for astrologers during a Rahu, Ketu, or a Saturn period (go check for yourself). As these three rule all the pains of humanity. Others don’t match their severity.

Now by and large most astrologers worth their salt would tell you that period from XXX to YYY dates would be a good one, and from AAA to BBB would be a bad one. Till here there should be no contradiction, if there is, one of the astrologers is not doing a good job.

Then the more specific you would go, the more differences would appear depending upon the approach and experience of the astrologers. E.g. a small town old school astrologer would tell you that you are going to hit a dasa of your 10th lord which is exalted…you are going to get a GOVERNMENT JOB…!

If you go to someone who is a little more new age, and uses LOGIC, answer would be different.

I often get hate mails from government job aspirants because I would ask them do you belong to a general category, if the answer is “Yes” I would say “sorry no government job for you… you would get into BUSINESS….

Now people kick and scream and they tell me how hard they have tried and how passionate they are and all that, but truth is truth, they don’t have much of a chance.

Similarly every astrologer has a different set of tricks and a different kind of expertise (e.g. I am passionate about Rahu Ketu and Shani…others simply bore me J)

I have written a 3000-4000 word article on Rahu Ketu dasas that were well received. Others might excel at Jupiter and Venus, some others may be focused on Sun and Mars.

Like doctors, we all have our basics in place, we just have different specializations. We excel at our favorite subjects and that’s where we would focus.

Another thing, predictions would and should change. The first rule of astrology is DESH KAAL PARISTHITI (Place, Time, Circumstances). Someone with a good 10th house in USA will most probably become an entrepreneur, while someone with a good 10th house with Afghanistan may become a war lord.

Then there is your current Karma, if you have yogas for diabetes but you are thin and you tell me that you run a mile daily, i would say that you have little chance of diabetes.

So keep in mind two things:

Specialty and exposure of the astrologer and DESH KAAL PRAISTHITI.

Hope this explains.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

Honest Astrologer

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