While there are thousands of reasons, I think the major responsibility rests with the “Sun Sign” revolution in the world and the “daily and weekly horoscopes”.

This is something I call “Prostitution of astrology” reducing the sacred science to a parlor trick, just to fill some space in a magazine and newspaper people published random crap. Here is an example:

“Aries-You would have a romantic weekend. Take care of your health you may suffer from stomach disease. You might fight with your spouse or lover.”

WTF??? How can a man with diarrhea and in middle of a fight with spouse or lover have a romantic weekend. Is he supposed to romance the toilet seat?

PLUS THE “WHO AM I DELIMMA” which astrology can usually solve beautifully but it works against it: They say Scorpios are intensely sexy, but I am a geek (Buddy you might have an Aquarius ascendant, and a Moon in Gemini and a Virgo venus. You would rather pick a book over a pretty lady.

You are MUCH more than your Sun Sign.

6 Thoughts on “Why do most people not believe in astrology or generally find it illogical?”

  • I used to believe in astrology since last 40 “years. Just read so many articles and books just as hobby. And, as per my experience 99. 9,,% it is not happening or going to happen. Also each article Astrologer we consult gives his own predictions. Only negative points mentioned by them become true. But good things never occur. Also remedies never work. It has become a profession for most of people to make money. So I have lost interest in astrology. And still read so many books articles just to satisfy me. Only recently after your ketu mahadasha article I felt reality and read you articles with interest.

  • Namaste ! you are the new age Vyasa ( who wrote mahabharata,bhagwad gita,etc)

    rebirth …

    keep spreading your knowledge and help us who are looking for guidance

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