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Why do most people not believe in astrology or generally find it illogical?

While there are thousands of reasons, I think the major responsibility rests with the “Sun Sign” revolution in the world and the “daily and weekly horoscopes”.

This is something I call “Prostitution of astrology” reducing the sacred science to a parlor trick, just to fill some space in a magazine and newspaper people published random crap. Here is an example:

“Aries-You would have a romantic weekend. Take care of your health you may suffer from stomach disease. You might fight with your spouse or lover.”

WTF??? How can a man with diarrhea and in middle of a fight with spouse or lover have a romantic weekend. Is he supposed to romance the toilet seat?

PLUS THE “WHO AM I DELIMMA” which astrology can usually solve beautifully but it works against it: They say Scorpios are intensely sexy, but I am a geek (Buddy you might have an Aquarius ascendant, and a Moon in Gemini and a Virgo venus. You would rather pick a book over a pretty lady.

You are MUCH more than your Sun Sign.

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