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While there are no hard and fast explanation in astrology texts, there is something I can tell from my personal experience and guidance of my Gurus.

While in all other cases, we witness the phenomenon of aging to death, in the case of Capricorn nature shows us that life is cyclical and not one track. Thus these curious people start the second life within the same body.

Capricorns are the “Oldest” sign in the zodiac. They are born old at a soul level. Most of the times they carry Saturn maturity on their shoulders by looking and acting way beyond their natural years.

These are the kids who enjoy sitting inside listening to grownups talk than go and play with kids among whom feel “misfits”, and are often teased.

They make for responsible orderly teenagers, who are well behaved students but make “boring” dates.

Then they turn into very somber young men and women. Who make great employees but horrible romantic partners.

Putting it bluntly, they suck at having fun – till their middle ages.

Somewhere around the age of 36 (Saturn maturity) The Grand Old Man Saturn having taught them their Karmic lessons, smiles and sets them free. And they feel liberated.

One big reason for liberation is that AUTHORITIES in life disappear, with teachers parents and bosses fading out, they realize that they have become the authority, and god knows that they enjoy their position.

Plus the mid-life crisis, which causes others to become morose, triggers a zest for life in Capricorns. They decide to “Live their life” because till their mid 30s they had missed on life. They make a comeback, with a vengeance.

With blessings of Saturn, their bodies and faces start looking younger for their age. Their minds start behaving younger and they start taking things easy.

At a soul level the travel starts towards “second childhood” when they would come to break the rules. For once nature shows a soul travel in a living body.

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16 Thoughts on “Why are Capricorn Ascendant people reverse-ageing?”

  • Does this happen to people with Saturn in Capricorn too – no matter the house it is in? For example, my Saturn is in the 5th house and I feel like I had all those traits as a child and still have trouble having fun.

    • Cant comment without looking at the chart. However you might be going through Saturn dasha. Would have to look at the entire chart before commenting.

  • Pin point accuracy… Seems to me like you have had your fair share of experience before writing an article of this nature.. kudos, at least I feel this to be true in my life, with Capricorn ascendant, Saturn lagnesh and also atmakaraka additionally also occupying karakamsa lagna…

  • Namasthe guruji….

    Do Life really start????…as a Capricorn ascendant..and also going to complete rahu mahadasha around the age of 36 ….my heart is jumping after reading this article….pranam guruji…I got a lot of hopes….thank you very much…

  • Feel really happy to read this as a Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house. 26 now and always striving for more and more stability in life. Thanks.

  • Eu tenho lagna em Capricórnio e minha vida se modificou bruscamente quando tinha 35 anos… me tornei mais jovem, mais feliz e me sinto mais sabia… foi uma libertação… muito obrigada! Adoro ler seus artigos

  • My heart is also jumping after reading this article. I want to say it is 101% correct, but I would say that is 100% correct for now. as I feel that my life is about to start at the age of 61, after authorities vanished and children left home. And when it does I will say that it is 101% correct. I am also a Cap with Venus on the 1st , Jup, Nep, Rah it the 10th, and Saturn in the 12th (against moon in the 6th) but of very low strength at it is in Areas in the D9 chart. But who cares! It is my turn now.!!! Thank you for the encouragement. There is a young lady screaming inside me. I am a Cap after all.

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