Here’s my humble opinion: It is something manufactured by thuggish godmen to exploit desperate lovers (especially dumped vulnerable women).

It breaks my heart to get one such mail/call/whatsapp per week where there is a desperate lady trying to get her “lost love back”. Upon getting my invariably negative reply accompanied with a lecture on ethics, she hangs up angrily and moves on with her search of finding someone who can get her love back. And aren’t there plenty of them out there waiting for her?

While I won’t say much about the people who claim to offer such services (BNBR you see), there is a question I want to put to all the girls and boys who try to get their “love” by using such means as Vashikaran.

What kind of a lover are you? What kind of love seeks to put a ghost after the beloved? The other person has a freewill and right to take his/her decisions. If you don’t respect that, you don’t love that person. You aren’t a lover, you are a predator.

Most probably you would not succeed and only end up losing money. But God forbid if you succeed, there is something known as Karma and it would see that.

If you fail in Vashikaran, you would still have to pay the money, God forbid if you succeed, there would be hell to pay.

Please accept reality and keep your Karma right, The right person would come looking for you.

God Bless.

G. Vijay Kumar

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Reference: ON VASHIKARAN MAFIA AND LOST LOVE | Honest Astrologer, Online 

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