I was actually surprised to see god missing, the one I was expecting to find repeatedly mentioned. The god who redefined what it meant to be a badass….


While there are thousands of legends, from him routing a whole mountain and carrying it with him (how badass is that) to killing powerful demons.

However, my personal favorite is the episode when he invaded the city of Lanka, the capital of the most powerful demon king, Ravan and raised hell. This is the major theme of the fabled Sundar Kand, and some devotees fondly refer to it as “Lanka mein Danka”.

Imagine this, he was entitled with responsibility to find out the abducted wife of Rama, and he did that managed to slip into the most heavily guarded city in the world, where demons are eating everything from humans to buffaloes, you invade their king’s chambers, and then come out of it, you find out where goddess Sita was held captive. Once seeing her with his own eyes, he could have returned but what he did next re-defined the term “Badass”.

After great difficult when Hanuman gets to see Sita, he finds her being threatened with a sword by an amorous Ravan. He bides his time and waits for Ravan to leave. Then he meets Sita and gives her Rama’s message. Mission accomplished, however, now the fun starts (talk about exceeding expectations).

Enraged with Ravan’s behavior towards Sita, Hanuman decides to teach the demons a lesson and creates a ruckus in Lanka. Here is the order of events:

Destroys Ravan’s garden and beat up his guards: He starts with destroying the entire garden, killing and roughing up his guards.

Kills Ravan’s son Akshay: Then he kills a Ravan’s son Akshay Kumar in a fight and destroys his battalion.

Roughs up Ravan’s invincible son Meghnad: Enraged Ravan sends his invincible son Meghnad with a big battalion (remember Lord Hanuman is all alone, not even a single soul for his help). He gives them all a tough time using nothing but rocks and trees and his mace, he even punches the mighty Meghnad so bad that he swoons, agitated Meghnad uses the nuclear weapon of the times the Brahmaastra, and is somehow able to capture Lord Hanuman. (but even that Brahmaastra was able to hold him for roughly 45 minutes)

Insults Ravan in his own court while being tied in ropes: After being arrested by Meghnad he is brought to Ravan, he mocks and insults Ravan in his own court and threatens him with dire consequences if Sita is not returned.

Tolerates his humiliation stoically while biding his time: An enraged Ravan orders that his tail be set on fire, he is paraded in the city with demons insulting him while he waits for his time to be over.

Burns them up: By the time the demons set his tail on fire, 45 minutes are up and Lord Hanuman is literally on fire, he breaks the ropes holding him, grows to a super large size and jumping from house to house, burns down the entire city of Lanka.

Ends it with a roar: On his way out, standing tall over a burning Lanka he roars loudly, setting fear in the hearts of the mightiest city, leaving it literally in flame.

This super-heroic act is often fondly referred to by his devotees as “Lanka mein Danka” roughly translates into “beating the drum in Lanka” (an act of public pronouncement of war through drum beats). A single warrior against an entire army, nay an entire city including its powerful army, and yet he manages to give them hell and return successfully.

That’s “Lanka mein Danka” and that’s BADASS. …!

Jai Shree Ram…!

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