There has been a lot of debate. But the hit of the solution is in the missing entities themselves.

Indian astrologers can’t imagine a chart without Rahu and Ketu, While western astrologers scream bloody murder at absence of Pluto Uranus and Neptune in most Indian charts. While there are software that show all these planets together, I have a solid bias towards Indian system becuase I have seen it trump western system again and again, so for me Rahu and Ketu are a grand obsession.

In my view the qualities of Rahu and Ketu have been distributed between Pluto Uranus and Neptune in western astrology.

As per western astrology Uranus has been given ruler ship of Aquarius (Rahu anyone?). Uranus is the eternal rebel the ruler of electricity and Internet (As Rahu as it gets) . So one can safely conlcude Most of Rahu qualities are represnted by Uranus.

Neptune the self sacrificing planet of enlightenment is a proxy for Ketu. Neptune is also considered a ruler of Pisces, a sign which is very closely associated with Ketu.

Pluto is something which has some dash of all three Rahu Ketu and even Saturn. With the harsh qualities bundled together. He is ruler of Scorpio (Ketu any one?) God of Underworld (Rahu) and god of death (Saturn)

Hence while both sides captured the qualities they used different planets to represent them.

However, I am a typical Prashara guy, I think Indian sages were far ahead in assigning right qualities and identifying right entities. So Rahu and Ketu remain on top of my toolbox.

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