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Which planet is responsible in astrology for highest intelligence?

The ancient sages knew way before the west could find out, that there are several different kinds of intelligence, each ruled by a different planet.

Depends upon the kind of intelligence that you are talking about. Here is a cheat sheet:

Normal Intelligence: Normally acceptable definition of intelligence is the boy in the class who has quick answer for everything. You know the quick silver verbose and good at calculation types, “mercurial” intelligence. the name gives it up, it is for MERCURY

Intellectual Wisdom: The “Professor” types people who don’t have the quick sliver intelligence but have slow and sober version called “Wisdom” know it all and spend their time guiding the others. JUPITER

Emotional Intelligence: How is the other person feeling? Emotional intelligence has been the big thing of late and such people make great Human Resources persons and everything that has to do with feeling and caring. This one comes from the mother of all, MOON.

Worldly Wise: You don’t work you don’t eat. Save for a rainy day. That’s the way things are here. And famously “ACT LIKE A MAN” All the old school wisdom comes from the grand old man Saturn. He makes you an offer that you can’t refuse.

Artistic Intelligence: Fashion designers and dress makers to artists and interior decorators are the ones who know which color goes with what. Which tune would suit which occasion. Right from painting to playing musical instruments, all kinds of arts come from the planet of beauty and art, VENUS.

Secret Intelligence: This is the guy has thirst for knowing the unknown from occult to nuclear science to nation’s secrets. This is all hidden knowledge and comes from the planet which is masters of shadows. This rules the criminal as well as the detectives. All the “Intelligence Services” e.g. CIA are ruled by this planet. RAHU.

Spiritual Intelligence: Last but not the least, tell this is “other worldly” intelligence. This one comes not from head or even the heart, this one comes from the spirit. And the ruling planet is the one who has lost his head, but it is considered the wiest of all planets. KETU

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G. Vijay Kumar

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  1. You explained Guru chandal yog very nicely as a positive conjunction to have. What if Jupiter is retro in the conjunction?? How is it then??

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