There are three schools of thought: One say Sun, other say Rahu, last says Saturn. I am firmly in the SATURN camp.

Here’s my analysis if all three personalities:

Sun Personality: The Pretentious King: 

While Sun is the “King” of the solar system, he is a highly inefficient planet as per astrology. Typical Sun personality is “BIG HAT NO CATTLE” They humm they haw and they show off, but they are normally MORE NOISE than SUBSTANCE. They show off, throw a lot of threats and then do U-Turns when going gets tough. Here’s an example:

Rahu Personality: The Outlaw: 

Well for starters, RAHU LITERALLY EATS SUN FOR BREAKFAST. (In case you don’t know about the eclipses). If Sun is the King, Rahu is the Rebel , the outlaw, the outsider who is perpetually a threat to Sun. I have seen Rahu personalities with their dark persona dominate the Sun types very easily. Their power is their nuisance value and their ability to cause trouble in the existing world order, something like this guy:

Saturn Type: The Badass: 

While Bhrihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) claims that Rahu is the most powerful of all planets, several thousand times more powerful than Saturn, I humbly beg to differ. G. Vijay Kumar’s answer to Is Rahu more powerful than Shani Deva? Saturn people are often underestimated because they aren’t the flashy types. They prefer to do their work quietly and avoid attention and conflict as long as they can. But once they have had it, they have had it. However, when the chips are down, the Saturn personality can kick the Rahu/Sun types several times over. They are the real badasses. Sort of this guy.

Disclaimer: I do not drive any inference from the astrological charts of the world leaders. It is just the ATTITUDE that goes with the planet that has been highlighted using the person as an epitome. But drives the message home.

15 Thoughts on “Which is the most powerful planet according to astrology and why?”

  • I humbly beg to differ with you…Sun “the sakshat devata” controls everything..From photosynthesis to seasons ….From tectonic plate movements and formation of precious gemstones to creating havoc through thunderstorms ,draughts….Time or hora (I don’t know for some reason is attributed to Saturn) starts with sun …”cease the day” remember ???
    How about taking “MARCUS AERELIUS” instead of Donald Trump ????
    Come out of the movies dear honest astrologer sir.This is ketu speaking 😉
    And pardon my english.

    • that’s a good scientific explanation. However, it is about the science that we really know…there is a lot that is unknown. I have seen in EVERY situation…Shani will beat Sun no matter what happens. Let me give a philosophical answer: LAW is above the King.

  • Sun isn’t always the useless king. In my observation risings in Leo are powerful beings they either have dense beard and lushy hairs or bald bold head. And as I have found the bald ones are more potentially dangerous they are daring powerful physically lose their tempers pretty easily. They are vigorous as well with masculine mentality they have coarse physical hairs and gets physical at slightest provocation. This isn’t the case with those having well grown vegetation on their heads. They are more creative luxury loving cheerful spirited and can can light up the room with their warm sense of humor these are easy to get along with. These are bold but not potentially aggressive, can also be loud mouthed but the bald headed ones aren’t to be messed with because as I have found these are man of action. Rahu in 1st come across as powerful personality not necessarily physically power but it depends on sign placement some times they are physically too. By the time it matures in 1st these people really become powerful beings.

    • i love Sun in the 1st i myself have it and have felt that leonine rage and arrogance drip out of me (got several feedbacks about this) However overall as a planet, sun is afraid of the Dark Lord Shani and I have seen this too many times.

  • Sir, How do you decide if a person is sun personality, saturn or Rahu, Ketu personality? I took your consultation but did now ask you which planet personality applies to me. How can i find out?

    • there is no typical “One Planet” personality. Every person is a mix of a few planets. However, planets sitting in or aspecting your ascendant will have a big impact on your. A lot depends on ascendant sign.

  • I have Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st house with my asc in Libra. Can you give me a piece of advice please

  • My Navamsa ascendant lord is Venus and my ascendant lord in the main birth chart is Saturn. May I ask which planet is stronger and will have more influence on my personality? Thank you 🙂

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