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It is a funny story and I am sure it is the same for many of us. I started reading my dad’s books just out of curiousty and made a few predictions that went absolutely right. But my secret was blown 🙂

My father discouraged me first and asked me to focus on my studies but when I insisted that I wanted to learn, He said that a day would come as I had the yogas to become a good astrologer. He took me under his wings and on sundays i would play his apprentice.

While other fathers and sons discussed cricket and movies, we had our Rahu and Ketu and yogas. We would debate passionately argue and i would look for proof to trump the old lion who was mostly right. On my day i would get him. 🙂

Many years and many books later, he allowed me to make predictions on my own.

I am indebted to my father, to all the writers, to my friends who pushed me, to modern and ancient astrologers who shared their knowledge, the founding fathers of astrology. And Most of all to Mother Divine, who held my hand and made me walk this precarious path effortlessly when I decided to take it up seriously.

They say you study this science in birth after birth. I would say I am more blessed than knowledgeable and use more heart than head while reading the horoscopes.

Wherever I am right-credit goes to my father, my Gurus, and most of all, the Mother Divine. Wherever I am wrong, I am a dumb novice 🙂 That makes me feel lighter when i screw up.

6 Thoughts on “Where did you learn astrology from?”

  • While considering a horoscope, to calculate cusps or to analyse expanded/contracted houses, which system do you use (KP/Nirayan Bhav Chalit/etc)?

  • “…use more heart than head while reading the horoscopes”. What a beautiful line and wish more astrologers followed this route. End of day, predictions have their own place, but first and foremost an astrologer is a counsellor who MUST empathize with the client and provide the best possible solution which provides the client comfort, while not distorting the reality. Sadly, this consultative aspect is gradually diminishing today.

    My heartfelt gratitude to you Sir, for being a rare ray of light amidst the prevailing chaos of frauds.

  • Why you never mention Rahu-Mars combination ? is is that bad? i request you to please right something about this conjunction.

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