Thanks for A2A. This is a very good question. In fact so good that I feel kind of inadequate trying to answer it. But will try my best depending upon what I have seen and my personal thoughts on the subject.

Often being debilitated, a planet is unhappy and uneasy, as it is placed in a situation that is UNNATURAL and OPPOSTIE for its nature and principle. So it acts something else while it is something totally different.

E.g. an exalted mars would make one a warrior whereas a debilitated mars would make him boil inside with impotent rage. An exalted Sun behaves with reckless abandon and a sense of entitlement, debilitated Sun would work its ego inwards, making a person often behave like a snob while doubting if he is actually worthy. An exalted moon keeps its calm under all circumstances whereas a debilitated moon would act very cold outside while dealing with emotional havoc inside.

Similarly, Venus is a planet of love and mysticism, being pushed into the super practical non-romanitc sign of Virgo, loses its creative and mystical liberties and becomes hemmed in the confines of uber-pratical earthy servant sign. It longs to be free and express its creativity but it is force to stick to the rules. It is like putting an artist in accounting department. You get the picture.

My personal theory is that just like all lessons in astrology this comes as a KARMA. Or may be, just may be, you overused something, or were proud of it or even abused it. May be the one who used to have an exalted mars was a bully in last birth, this birth it is his turn to feel impotent anger. The emotionally stable person who manipulated others and caused them tension gets a damaged moon in next life.

May be you were a beauty queen in last life with exalted Venus in Pisces making fun of lesser mortals for their dressing style, breaking hearts was a part time hobby and belittling others was a birth right. Karma, my dear, is a bitch.

So next life comes a debilitated Venus. So no matter how pretty you are, you would have doubts about your beauty and style and your worthyness to other gender. Good news is that a Virgo Venus often comes with a Neech Bhanga raja yoga as Mercury is often sitting with it in Virgo which is Mercury’s exaltation sign. This not only cancels most of the bad effects of debilitation giving a certain clumsy beauty back, but then you would have amazing smarts and a strong luck.

Not bad going from dumb supermodel in one birth to cute geek in the next one. I would rather have this debilitation than most others. 🙂

20 Thoughts on “What teachings are brought by debilitated planets in an individual’s life, especially Venus in Virgo?”

  • Hi Sir – How about debilitated venus exchange and mercury in Libra. Does that form a parivartana and cancel venus debilitation ?

  • I have debilitated Mars and with age my anger comes outward as much as inward I make sure that majority of people who personally piss me off or do me wrong face my wrath….to the point where even they are defeated, speechless and/or begging for forgiveness… To the point when even after blasting someone and seeing how deeply it affected the person later on it becomes obvious to me that the punishment I gave was way too much for the crime they committed… I am well known as Angry Bird by those who know this trait of mine… Exalted mars might make someone hot tempered, muscular strong, serving in armed forces, but my debilitated Mars made me an easily outwardly BLASTING pressure cooker in human form…those who dare to even stand near me and furthermore dare to increase the pressure will FACE the WRATH of the IMMEDIATE EXPLOSION… I am like the red angry bird who easily catches fire on its head… I am like erupting volcano… Angry, petty, easily pissed off, and unlike those with exalted Mars I AM PETTY I HOLD GRUDGES… As the number and depravity of felonies (amount of times and to what extent I was pissed off ) increases, SO DOES THE BLAST! THERE IS NO CLEAN SLATE WITH ME… MARS IN 🦀 IN SECOND HOUSE HERE… WHEN A CRAB BITES YOU BLEED… SO DONT EVEN DARE TO DISTURB THE CRAB 🦀 DON’T PUT ME IN A CRABBY MOOD 🦀

  • Debiliated Jupiter in 7th House for Cancer Lagna
    Kumbha Rashi and Satabhisha Nakshatra
    Also, Venus and Mercury in Pisces, 9th house

    Your take on cancellation of debilitation for Jupiter in this case?

  • I have debiliated venus in virgo 1° and sun is also sitting here at 25°. I am an aries ascendant. Do i always have to face relationship failures.

  • Dear Sir,

    Author has beauty and brain together to give this world with nice positive response. How Venus, Mercury, Mars and moon in 11th house in virgo affects the native. Please guide.

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