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What remedies do we do if Jupiter is weak in a birth chart?

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While Bhrita Parashar Hora Shastra recommends worship of Brahma for Guru, where do you find a Brahma temple (apart from one or two in India)?

Hence I did a research and found two very good options that work like magic:

#1 Sai Baba of Shirdi: Of all modern saints, He remains the foremost, and of course, being a Sai devotee and having had experiences which i cannot share here, I was convinced of the Omnipotence of Sai. Thus I would recommend worshiping to Sai and reading of Sai Sat Chritra (this is the Magic Book for Good Luck and Divine Grace) Giving link below.

#2 #2 Visiting a Guru Dwara: Yes a Sikh Gurudwara. Now many clients ask me why despite being a Hindu I ask them to visit a Gurudwara, reason is simple, planets relate to things that represent the SPIRIT OF THE PLANET. Sadly, we Hindus pray to our Guru once in an year, say Guru Purnima, while Sikhs are way ahead, they daily remember the 10 Gurus and then pray daily to Guru Granth SahibHence a Gurudwara is the place where the Grace of Guru (Jupiter) showers in abundance (for the record Sikhs are also blessed by Mars and Saturn which makes the brave and prosperous. Refer to the links below in case you wish to know more)



  1. If jupiter is in 1st house in taurus and is पिडित in the kundali, what will b the effect is guru mahadasha? N its remedies

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