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What kind of changes do we see when Saturn Mahadasha comes to an end? Does it give good results even though it turned bad throughout 19 years?

Disclaimer 298: A chart has to be analyzed as a whole.

However, i probably never let a question about Rahu Ketu or Saturn go by. These Big 3 are my grand obsession.

I have already written a similar reply. But would recap as i could not find that in 300+ answers.

Here is what my experience says: By the end of Saturn Dasha, TORTOISE BECOMES HARE.

Saturn is a hard task master and it keeps a person under constant frustration, melancholy and slow laborious efforts. However, by the end it saturn removes its chains people see spike in energy intellegence and normally luck, so that the native can run with the Prince Mercury, before Ketu makes him fall again (but that’s a story for another chapter) 🙂

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