Disclaimer #312: Entire chart has to be analyzed as a whole.

I would say that it is a BLESSING to have Saturn in 11th house. It FULFILLS ALL YOUR WISHES SLOWLY BUT SURELY.

It is an Upchaya house and I have seen some of the luckiest people have this placement of Saturn.

Saturn is the most important planet and its placement in the 11th house is the BEST thing that can happen to a person.

The importance of this placement can be explained by a legend:

Legend has it that Ravana (The mighty Villain of Ramayana who was a great astrologer himself) wanted several planets, especially Saturn to be placed in 11th house at the time of the birth of his son Meghnad.

However, Lord Saturn moved to the 12th house at the last moment, spoiling the horoscope. Ravana was so angry that he broke Saturn’s leg and put him into a torture cell.

However, the damage was done. Ultimately this position of Saturn led to fall of Meghnad and his death in battle against Lakshman.

It is said that Lord Saturn did a favor to all living beings by not staying in 11th house of Meghnad.

This is how important this placement is. Lucky you.

G. Vijay Kumar

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