This is a good question and I would answer it the way I usually explain to my clients.

You are like a company, your mind is like the CEO office.

The Planet whose dasha is running would sit on the CEO’s seat and would run the company in his own manner.

During the period of the planet, a person not only gets the fruits of his Krama as the planet is going to give him (e.g. Yog Karaka planets normally give good results, while troubling planets normally give bad ones).


One example I have often witnessed is shift from Saturn to Mercury to Ketu Dasha, three radically different planets with totally different natures and results.

Assuming that none of them are particularly good or bad, and would give their natural results.

During Saturn Mahadasha: It’s all blood sweat and tears. They are this slow, unassuming, hardworking but ambitious person who works his guts off but often doesn’t get the desired results.

ENTER MERCURY: I often use this sentence “When Saturn goes and Mercury comes, the Tortoise becomes the Hare”. I’ve seen “average” students who barely passed despite the hard work during Saturn period suddenly “top exams” in Mercury period and get recognition. They make their careers and what not. Mercury dasa helps generally everyone think better and do well. They do really well in material world and are often recognized by others as genius.

ENTER KETU: I often use this sentence “When Mercury goes and Ketu comes, the Genius loses his head”. The same person who was saluted for his genius suddenly loses his head because of some emotional or mental trauma that comes with a Ketu dasha starts. They virtually “lose their head” and brain fog comes around them. The go away from material world that turns harsher and harsher by the day and they gravitate towards spirituality.

Same person, three different Mahadasha rulers, three different lives. I often tell people PLANETS LIVE THROUGH YOU DURING THEIR MAHADASHA. so learn to be detached.

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11 Thoughts on “What does Mahadasha mean in Vedic astrology?”

  • Can you please comment on the concept of dispositor? If you think dispositor is important enough topic, can you create a short section on this topic? Based on what I read, the condition of the dispositor in many ways determines the strength of a planet. For example, Saturn in Scorpio is not regarded as a good placement. However, if Mars, the owner of Scorpio, is in Aries, does that mean that Saturn is no more in an uncomfortable placement?

  • I’m new to Vedic astrology, recently I came across the concept, the period ruled by Mercury is coming to an end and the Mars rulership is about to begin? So I went to an internet, trying to find the answer. A lot of websites not so information I could use. So I assumed, the time ruled by certain planet is called Mahadasha? If so, is this supposed to be the same period for everyone, let say Mercury Mahadasha starts in 2011 and ends in 2028? If so, how would i know in what order Mahadasha of every planet starts and ends?

    • your understanding is flawed…KETU follows Mercury and not mars.

      Here is the order in which the Mahadashas work:


  • Hi,
    I am from germany and my parents believe in vedic Horoskope. Now I am also do researches about horoscopes (vedic).
    Is the Order of mahadashas Always the same for everyone?

      • Just to add to Vijay Ji’s note, the dasha starts from the natal moon’s nakshatra lord, but the order is always the same, irrespective of where it starts from. Pls refer to the list provided above. Eg: if the dasha starts from sun, it will always be followed by moon, mars, rahu, jupiter etc. Or if the dasha starts from saturn, it will always be followed by mercury, ketu, venus and so on. In short, the ordering is of the list provided above. Antar dashas within a maha dasha also follows the same order, starting with the maha dasha lord. Hope that helps..:)

  • I am finding your website very enriching. Thank you.
    On a personal note, I have a question. If my rashi is Kumbha, my Mercury Mahadasha has just started. Sade Sati is around corner. During this time or in the near future, Can I start a new venture such as applying for college/buying a new house/migrating to a new country?

  • Namaskar (your posts have been very useful as usual so thank you very much to the helpful Soul in you)

    I have a query if you are willing. There was a family connection years ago who once viewed my horoscope, specified the phrase ‘Sarvatobhadra Chakra’ ‘Latta’ to say I have 3 Latta in the first 3 Mahadasas in the horoscope which is very critical.

    One is completed. Currently running Jupiter Mahadasa with Moon Latta he said. Later Saturn Mahadasa with Venus Latta he said. He said the horoscope will face severe turbulence has having 3 Lattas are very negative (more than a person can usually face).

    However only recently I started to try to find details around ‘Latta’ however I am struggling to find details. I wanted to follow a Latta impacts the Mahadasa negatively.

    Hope you can help guide or if it is more suitable for a consultation I will arrange for a consultation soon (I have consulted with you prior to this so I am familiar with the process).


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