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What did you do to remember all the different combinations of planets, rashi and house numbers, while learning astrology?


I could not hold myself back from answering this one, because this has put a finger on one of the things that I am fighting against.

Here’s my conspiracy theory: Astrology has been deliberately made so complicated that most people don’t understand it.

I believe that many of the texts including the Bible of astrology, Brihat Prashar Hora Shastra has been corrupted by the powers that be so that this divine science would always remain in shrouds and is often mocked at.

I was fortunate enough to have a father who was a very learned man an MA in English Literature, a voracious reader and a seeker of astrology. Thanks to his research, my father did the “heavy lifting” for me and made me understand the basics of planets and signs in a very fun and interesting way, and he kept it SIMPLE AND FUN.

He would often throw me cues like:

-“You are a Capricorn ascendant…work your guts off, yours is a sign of Karma.”

-While I debated a concept with him and he proved to be frustratingly invincible, he would laugh “I am a double Gemini, even your mother can’t win in a debate against me.”

I remember buying my own copy of Brihat Prashara Hora Shastra in my 30s and after one reading I kept it away for good. And I have NEVER picked it up again and have blessed my father every day after that.

I frankly don’t remember the thousands of yogas (300 are prominent ones, made famous by BV Raman) many are too obscure to occur on even apply to practical life and have multiple twists and turns which is way too confusing .

However, once you know know the 9 planets and 12 houses you can get most of the things right even if you do NOT know most of the yogas. It is like knowing the basic colors you know the paining, knowing the basic seven musical nodes, you can create millions of tunes. Knowing basic moves of chess you can play infinite games.

I never took a course, not even read BPHS twice in life, but I have clients who have done 2-year courses in astrology from reputed institutions, know hundreds of yogas, and can often quote BPHS, but when really in trouble, THEY CALL ME. Once we have discussed the issue in detail and I have given them the reason and solution they often slap their foreheads on missing something so obvious despite all the shlokas and yogas they had crammed up. “At times they scream, how did you get it so easily?”

My reaction is somewhat like this: “Elementary my dear Watson.”

But behind this nonchalant attitude I secretly thank my dad for making me learn that technique or explaining me a complicated thing in such simple words. How I wish we had more people who could make this fun and interesting for most people. Best idea is always to have a good Guru, like my father.

Thank you Dad…!


G. Vijay Kumar

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