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What are the effects of Ketu in the 7th house?

This is NOT a good combination for married life and dealing with others.

Ketu in the 7th means Rahu in the first which is one of the most damaging combinations for a marriage. The person tends to be self-obsessed, uncompromising and is almost blind to his own faults making it difficult for the partner to live with him.

I often joke to my clients with this combination stating a corny old movie dialogue by Villian Amrish Puri who played the Dictator Dong in a movie. The dialogue said“UPAR WALA WRONG HO SAKTA HAI PAR DONG KABHI WRONG NAHI HOTA”(Meaning: Even the god in heaven can be wrong but Dong can never be wrong)

This combination is most common in life long bachelors. Those who are stuck with a partner with this combination are never satisfied and the person is too self obsessed to value them enough.

G Vijay Kumar

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