Thanks for A2A.

A lovely philosophical question after a long time.

Despite a lot to do I thought I would answer this one first.


YOU GET TO KNOW YOURSELF & OTHERS: I was always confused between this cold and practical self who would at the age of 14 behave like 40 and run his friend circle like a corporation. But would to cry at the sight of poor kids in Africa on TV. I found out I had Sun and Moon in opposite signs. I know why my elder child is a mushy sweetheart and younger one is a badass. So on and so forth.

YOU LEARN TO GIVE HOPE: Almost 80% of my mails carry this sentence “Acchey din aaney waley hain” (I am NOT a fear monger). People going through bad times get some hope from you that after a short while they would get better time, better job, better circumstances.

YOU ARE ABLE TO TREAT: Like doctors “I treat God cures”. I tell remedies and feel happy when it work

YOU ARE ABLE TO MAKE A DIFFEERNCE: There are those who send me loving messages, pics of charities they did, good things that happened to them or they did. My charity is one of the things closest to my heart.

YOU MEET SOME OF THE BEST PEOPLE: I have a list of relationships which started as an astrologer-client relation but quickly became friendly.



Your become superstitious


You often don’t try during bad times


You depend on astrology for everything


People think you are a freak (they aren’t exactly wrong)


You realize that most people are only worried about sex health and money.


Get ready to face a defamation campaign if people don’t like what you say. They would call you liar, cheats, fools, what not.


You are abused and trolled and taken advantage of, repeatedly.


You get to see the worst of people. Egomaniacs, free loaders, entitled jerks. Such people have put my “Astrology for charity” on hold and forced me to go pro and switch to “get your money back if I am wrong” mode.

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