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What are the aspects for stress and anxiety in a horoscope?


“AFFLICTED MOON” being the mother of all stress and anxiety yogas. There are many possibilities e.g. moon debilitated, 0 degrees, in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, but i would discuss the three most difficult yogas.

Here is my learning:

MOON + RAHU = DEPRESSION: This is the daddy of all mental stress yogas. I have seen soooooo clients with Moon + Rahu who have been prone to mental depression, that I had to create something special for them for wearing.

MOON + SATURN = FRUSTRATION: This is the second worst. Not as bad as Moon Rahu conjuction, but bad enough. Moon wants everything NOW but Saturn causes DELAY. They are always at conflict and needless to say poor moon doesn’t stand a chance. This causes a lot of frustration and unhappiness in individual. Often such people have issues with the mother or mother figure.

MOON + KETU = APATHY and CONFUSION: This is a typical one. The person in question does not suffer so much but people around him do suffer because of his emotional apathy (at times cruelty), unpredictability and emotional confusion. One very famous case being the current most powerful main the world, a certain Mr. Trump.

Another thing about this combination, I have often seen such people have a “portal” to the spiritual realm. In very intense cases, it can also have an unprecedented impact.some of my clients with this combination reported “seeing things” . I would leave it at that.

G. Vijay Kumar


  1. SIR,
    My Name Is Abhishek Wankhede I have read your various articles , and I really liked it sir kindly guide me what is the procedure for getting touch with you, I also called on the mobile no which is flashing on your web site but no one is responding.
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  2. Hello dear Sir, as always spot on. I have Moon and Ketu c in 1st house. The people around do not always understand me, and a portal.. its a funny thing. As I was younger I found that really cool, at times frustrating. With years I learned to open and close it as I needed so it gave me possibillity to help people and practise medical jyotish. Thank you Sir for your time. Can you write some advice regarding to Ketu dasha together with Sade Sati ? What experience do you have ?

  3. Hello Sir,
    Cancer ascendant here, with Moon+Rahu in the 12th house, and currently running the Shani dasha, Rahu antardasha. Blow after blow is how I describe life. Circumstance is such that I’m forced to give up all things dear to me. I have written off my life. Either I ‘m intensely anxious or intensely depressed- grief stricken. Any remedy to ease the situation?

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