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To what extent does grief/complaints of their clients affect the sanity and peace of mind of astrologers?

Thank you for asking a great question.

It is after a very long time that I have returned to Quora (my clients love me a lot, they keep me busy and keep referring me thus bringing more business). Hence despite Quora addiction finding time for it is now more and more difficult).

I was glad to see this question and smiled at myself “Finally someone has asked this”.

First of all, I want to say this in ALL CAPS AND BOLD:


And we can’t be good astrologers if we don’t share some emotional connect with the client. Their well being and progress is our responsibility.

We are human and we have feelings. After the first 1000 or so horoscopes, we do become a little immune. Like doctors. But all said and done we are humans.

So yes we rejoice in their joys and mourn their sorrows. It is like you are a wise old man of a family of hundreds of people. You feel that you have some stakes in the game, especially for the most vulnerable of family members.

Best part you are elated when you see them score. Here are a few examples:

I love it when a girl from Punjab sends me a marriage invitation writing that she couldn’t have done this without my advice. I love it when a businessman from Mumbai writes how he turned around his business within 3 months of counseling. I am elated when a spiritual old man from Rajashtan writes a mail saying “Your yantras are working magic”.

A depressed lady from UK who was on the verge of suicide, sends you a message that her life is changing and she is re-entering dating game on your guidance. A friend from US avoids a big loan that would have been a catastrophe and you feel as if you have made a difference.

I am an emotional person and don’t have any shame in admitting that (Cancer Moon). I do get upset when I listen to sad stories of my clients, feel bad for whatever has happened to them, but at the same time it gives me determination to do my best.

I often go out of my way to suggest “cheapest remedies” and discourage them from wearing costly stones when they are struggling with bad finances.

There have been instances when I have returned the fee (how can you charge a young man who was orphaned a few weeks ago), and even given a few people money from my pocket after listening to their plight (that’s very rare though as most of my clients are educated and use high tech).

So yes you feel involved. I am elated to see good days coming in a short while “Acchey Din Aaney Waley Hain” is one of my catchphrases that I even have my international clients repeat as we both laugh. Somewhat therapeutic for us both.

I often joyfully tell parents that their kids are born with great yogas and often give the little ones nick names depending upon their horocopes like “Her Highness” and “Mr. Tycoon”.

Then there is the dark side of it, I get depressed to see some hopeless cases (e.g. next 18 years of bad dasha or even an incurable curse). Things with which I can’t help. The feeling of helplessness and relating to their pains makes me feel inadequate and frustrated.

In those cases I pray for their benefit and remind myself that I am not god. There is precious little that I can do for them apart from praying.

So yes, we often feel like doctors, while we try to be detached, we can relate to their pleasures and pains and are reminded continuously that God is in charge we are just His pawns.

Clients are like family. We rejoice in their joys, we mourn their sorrows. Whenever we are able to help someone, we feel good. But just like doctors we keep reminding ourselves, “I TREAT GOD HEALS”

God Bless.

G. Vijay Kumar


  1. Great read. Reminded me – Ages ago I had asked this question to a friend astrologer: aren’t you interfering with people’s karma by providing remedies? She had said she did prayers and cleansing rituals for herself.

    1. It is very necessary. We get worn down. There are people who are burdened with so many problems that they rub off you. You feel sad for them try to help them. But yes like a doctor who washes his hands, we have to cleanse our souls.

  2. Beautiful explanation. I always had this question for healers and astrologers that they too might be absorbing energies and might feel drained too at times. I have read many of your blogs and posts. Please keep posting and I would like you to write some book compiling your valuable knowledge.

    I also have one question if a person is having good horoscope and does any harm to someone or hurt someone. Will he or she still carry the impact of his or her good chart. I am talking about relation between good or bad karmas and charts. Would love to have your opinion on above question. Thanks in advance

    1. thank you. I am in the process of writing my two books. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Coming to second question, YES Karma follows everyone no matter who you are…you can be rich and powerufl due to your past karma…but if you do bad karma, the accumulation of them can damage you and you will be answerable soon…at max in the next birth. While we do not know about the next birth, we do know about the downfall of people like Saddam Hussein…once bad karma gets too much…nature retaliates

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