Looking at a horoscope, can you determine the present state of consciousness, or how advanced the soul is?


While there are no specific shlokas that exist which throw the light on the soul, I have often seen a few combinations that hint strongly at the kind of person the native is.

We can safely assume that a person with a higher soul would be a better human being and would have less ego.

Here are a few things that I have found:

High souls:

Ketu in 12 th house: These are mostly the highest kinds of souls you can get. They are ready for enlightenment and are often very spiritual. They are usually very nice as people and are unconsciously aware that karma does exist and hardly ever hurt anyone.

Sun + Ketu: This makes a person a “Sweetheart” they don’t have an ego and often feel the pain of others. Some of my closest friends have this yoga and they are some of the nicest people you would ever meet.

Impact of Benefics (especially Jupiter and moon) on Langna: Jupiter and/or moon sitting in langa, aspecing lagna or lagna having impact of good planets often shows a kind and gentle soul who wants to help others.

Lower souls:

These are people full of ego, self obsessed and often cruel. They can be identified with below yogas in their charts:

Sun + Rahu: These are self-entitled ego maniacs. They want things because they exist and their will should be done. Normally they are thankless and ruthless. Everything that they desire should come to them because they are “they”. Moreover they are NEVER WRONG. Especially if this combination falls in Langa.

Malefic impact on Lagna (especially Rahu): Now I have often seen Rahu in the first house people being self obsessed and bent upon proving themselves right. They wonder why they don’t get support from others. The addition of more melafic planets like Saturn would add to the meanness and egomania. Such combination has been called “Rakshas Yoga” in the books.

Again: Look at chart as a whole don’t make opinions based upon a single planet.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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4 Comments on “Looking at a horoscope, can you determine the present state of consciousness, or how advanced the soul is?

  1. During Rahu Mahadasha why one fails in exams? Why the children who happened to be intelligent earlier face many failures in education in their Rahu Sasha?

  2. Does every one go through rahu and ketu dasha ? Or either one ? What if ketu dasha over and at the age of 60 s rahu is gonna start will the person die ?

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