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Is Vedic astrology real or fake?

Is gravity real or fake?

Your belief and my opinions don’t matter, if we jump from 10th floor we would be a dead mess.

Astrology for me was the search for TRUTH. And I consider myself blessed that this divine science and Mother Divine accepted me.

It a blessing that I got a father who took me under his wings and taught me astrology. It is often with weary amusement that i look at clients shriek in horror mixed delight when their astrological description fits them during my preliminary reading.

If it doesn’t I return their money. Saying that either their details are wrong or may be I am not the right person destined to read their chart. (happens once in 3–6 months).

However, if an astrologer is unable to read a chart or the chart itself is wrong, that doesn’t make this science any less sacrosanct.

A good astrologer would get 80% things right in 80% charts. That’s the power of Vedic astrology.

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