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Is Sade-Sati always bad and fearful?

At the risk of inviting the wrath of many in my community, I would dare say that Sade Saati is more of a fear mongering tactic than a real issue.

At any point of time 25% of the world population is going through a Sade-Saati and at least 25% are enjoying a “favorable” position of Saturn.

It is again like saying “People with Sign of Virgo would suffer whereas people with Sign of Scorpio would have fun” too generalist.

It is true that Saturn causes some mental tension as it transits over the natal moon, however, the impact is NEVER more than 15-20%.


I’ve seen people go through a good Dasha never realize that they are going through a Sade-Sati. It is almost always the people with a bad Dasha whom I have seen complain about Sade-Sati.

So while Saturn might give some minor negative impact as it transits the natal moon, but you won’t even notice it in a good Dasha.

However, typically a person visits an astrologer in a bad dasha. And as usual most astrologers take the usual route “Blame it on Saturn

“Oh you are going through a Sade-Sati…you are so screwed….” And then starts the fear mongering and cash generating routine.

Good for business you see.

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