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Is Rahu more powerful than Shani Deva?

Well well, despite beeing overbooked and over loaded, I would not let this one go. Saturn Rahu Ketu are my grand obsessions in life. And subject of my upcoming book.

So here are my two bits conditionally:


Depending upon chart to chart, Rahu may be stronger in degrees etc.


A person may be going through Rahu Mahadasha and hence Rahu would have more impact on him than Saturn.

However, Man to Man (or Planet to Planet) NOBODY is more powerful than Lord shani. He is the BOSS in Kaliyuga. In fact in Kaliyuga I have seen Saturn Rahu and Ketu dominate almost all other Planets (up to and including the so called King Sun).

But even in these three Saturn is the BOSS, AND Rahu KNOWS IT.

Rahu is a Shadow planet of all things secret. He is changeable and malleable, cunning and sly. Somewhat of a con artist. He is more keen to prove himself the King.

Saturn is the MAN OF HONOR and he doesn’t need to pretend.

One example I often use is that of a Hindi movie “Ab Tak 56” two main characters have quintessential qualities of Rahu and shani.

Rahu Sterotype: Here’s the gangster Zamir who is all flashy and gold and boisterous fancies himself the king.

shani Stereotype: Inspector Sadhu, quiet, unassuming and busy with his work.

In their first encounter, Zamir threatens Sadhu with death, Sadhu laughs him away

telling him that you might have a gang of 150 stooges, I have a force of 40000+ we would bury you in a minute, calling Zamir’s bluff (Rahu) and puncturing him. Baffled Zamir resorts to molly coddling Sadhu then.

Later Zamir schemes, helps Sadhu escape, tries to woo him over. Sadhu who is wanted by law and even escapes an encounter, is smuggled to a foreign land by Zamir. While Zamir is sitting in his den surrounded by his men, Sadhu nonchalantly walks into Samir’s den and casually greets him “What’s up, you pimp”. Zamir smiles sheepishly and laughs nervously.

So Rahu ALWAYS tries to keep Saturn in good humor because he knows that behind all the pretensions of being the King, he is just an outlaw.

There is an interesting conversation where Samir boasts about his power, Sadhu brushes him away saying that what he has is “nuisance value” (Rahu) and not power.

A very Saturn like Sahdu says “Real power comes from the inside” (Saturn)And says that I am sitting in your den, all by myself, you could kill me right now, but you are the one afraid of me.


JAI shani DEV…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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