No. It is not. It would be like learning medicine in order to cure yourself. BAD IDEA. It would be neither effective nor cost effective.

I have seen many people do half baked study and cause damage to themselves and others.

Why spend months of time and thousands of rupees on books and training when you can pay a professional a small sum and get great results.

Like i have said several times, you don’t choose astrology, astrology chooses you. It is always better to LEARN for PASSION only.

In fact “commercial learning” has given us an army of conniving greedy charlatans whereas “self medication” has produced countless disasters.

So better leave this to the experts and you FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. All the best.

One Thought on “Is it worth it to learn astrology just for your own use (i.e. if you are not planing to make a business out of it)?”

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