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Is it true that I am not getting married because I am Manglik?

I start this one with a facepalm. What have we reduced astrology to?

Little knowledge is always dangerous. Unfortunately in absence of a governing body, anyone can call himself an astrologer. This is as dangerous as anyone being able to call himself a doctor. Then there are superstitions.


First of all, what is Manglik: If Mars happens to be in 1, 2, 4, 7, and 8 house. That’s 5 out of 12 houses. Poor Mars he has to sit somewhere, no? So that’s 41.66% of entire population. (statistically speaking)…

Then some astrologers insist that position of Mars from Moon should be considered as well. That adds 30% more (assuming 16% of the population would have same ascendant and Moon sign).

Now then there are some who insist that Navamansa be considered as well. Here we go, add another 30% and we have almost entire population covered in this.

Then there are some yogas which are supposed to “Nullify” the effect of Manglik. Right from the most common one, other person being a Manglik (as we saw 90% of people qualify as Manglik). To some lesser know ones like position of Saturn in the other person’s chart.

So please marry the person you like, statistically speaking, 90% chances are that he or she is a Manglik.

Here is a tip for you: Delay in the marriage is caused by Saturn but guess Manglik is more “popular and talked about”.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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