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In astrogy books every thing is written one planet in one sign this effect other planet in same sign this effect etc. While in practical you have different combinations How do we combine all to have successful prediction?

Thank you for a good question.

While at a first glance it appears that the Risihs were wrong, upon careful consideration it becomes as clear as daylight.

When teachers taught us A for Apple in our class, we were not ready for anything beyond that. Once we were able to put our vowels and consonants together, only then did we progress further to poems, small stories, and then further to Uncle Shakespeare and Ruskin Bond. And if you can Read Salman Rushdie (my hat is off to you if you can, he is the toughest and most fascinating author of all times), it is because someone bothered to explain “A for Apple” and then taught us how to put A and B together to for words and how to keep them together to form sentences.

It is with PRACTICE that you can read the four page sentence written by Rushdie in his iconic novel Shame.

The same applies to astrology. You learn first the 12 signs, then the 9 planets, then their aspects, then yogas and then the divisional charts and so on…..

Despite spending 25 years as a student of astrology, I still feel there is a lot to learn, I NEVER stop reading.

However the BEST way to learn is to analyse as many horoscopes as possible and learn to recognize the PATTERNS. Every astrologer worth is salt has a few techniques that are no where in the books

That’s what I call “specialty”. I read on average 1–2 books a month and am always hungry for more.

Astrology is never ending and one life is not enough.

Hope this explains.

God bless.

G. Vijay Kumar

Honest Astrologer

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