Thankfully Astrology is NOT mathematical calculation. Otherwise the computers would have rendered us astrologers useless.

Making a horoscope is a mathematical process. That’s why all astrologers nowadays carry laptops and software. However predicting is a different ball game all together.

Here are the reasons:


Many variables: You need to understand that for every planet placement there are 12×12=144 variables that can have some influence. Predicting this not only takes knowledge but experience as well. You can just shoot stuff like “Leos are like xyz” he might have a weak Sun, a Pisces ascendant and a moon in Cancer and would be a different animal all together.


Freewill: Man has been blessed with Freewill and his efforts can tweak some outcomes.


Few things aren’t in the books: Every astrologer worth his salt would have one or two techniques that others don’t know. There are things you ONLY learn from experience and PATTERN study of hundreds of horoscopes.


Individual inclinations: Like all good chefs, every good astrologer has mastery over something. E.g. I am obsessed with Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn with these being my specialty. Especially with Ketu I have studied the least known Ketu so up close and personal that I can predict a lot of things that others might miss.


Divine Grace-Intution: This is a MUST. Many ancient and modern texts contradict each other. While you would know the basics, there is nobody who can predict without the help of Divine. Thankfully this option is only reserved for humans that’s why no amount of automation would ever put astrologers out of work. There are horoscopes which would “talk to you” and there would be others which won’t. You get flashes of insights looking at a chart which somehow don’t make sense but are absolutely true. Later you sit and wonder “Why the hell did I say that?” despite getting it bang on. I’ll tell you a secret: BEST ASTROLOGERS OFTEN FORGET WHAT THEY HAD SAID WHILE LOOKING AT THE CHART. That moment of communion with the Divine helps more than anything.

So astrology is not a math, it is a blend of science, art, and divine grace. So we astrologers are secure knowing that automation might eat up finance and tech jobs, we are not going out of business till the time a computer learns to communicate with the Divine 🙂

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