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If astrologers can predict other’s future, then why can’t they predict the same for themselves?

Who said we don’t. In fact, honestly most of us start every new thing we learn by examining on our horoscope (we should do it with Lord Rama’s Horoscope ideally) But being humans, we always put ourselves first.

We know our charts the best and are often able to find out meaningful correlations. Then come friends and family. And we aren’t exactly bad at it.

I would share a personal example. I was struggling with my job in 2015 end, there were chances that I might have to quit. My wife was worried I wasn’t. I had told her “I am not worried about 2016, I am worried about 2017”. She was skeptical “I think you better worry about 2016” she said with a worried tone. My wife did not know much about my astrology back then at least never realized that I could go pro. (I am a husband after all)

Thanks to my stars, I was able to land another opportunity a bigger better one with extra money. Money flowed in, travel was less, i was loved by my seniors, life was good in 2016. Then one day I told her, “I am afraid of 2017.” “What can possibly go wrong. All is well.” “Not for very long” I said with a hint of resignation

Fast forward 3 months, around October 2016 I was in emergency ward of a hospital where I almost had a heart attack (I was taken there from my office due to insane levels of BP thanks to ridiculous work load and tension).

2017 brought me separation from job, hospitalization, financial crisis, change of career, collapsed business, poor health : barely escaped a heart attack and almost went into coma. First eight months were hell. Then

By grace of god, I met my spirit guide, started new businesses which are doing okay given that . Spent more and more time in learning and meditation and am still struggling with health issues.

Boy am i happy that the year is over.

Best part, my wife was impressed by my astrology 🙂 (a rare feat for any astrologer) .

so yeah, we do analyze our charts and we happen to be correct. My wife approves.

God bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


  1. Hi
    Om Namah Shivaay
    Indeed this link has very much informative details.
    Thank-you and appreciate.
    I agree how much ever you read Astrology books , join classes of Great masters,
    The first most think that needs to work is divine bless and your intuition.
    Unless above two are available no one can be an astrologer to be precise.
    I m undergoing Ketu MD placed in 9th house alone and taken astrological consultation from famous astrologers on Youtube,
    You won’t believe none of them were even 5% correct about predicting my career or
    life. There are very less genuine astrologers today and mostly they would be found either in remote villages or secret small huts.
    Sorry but most of them are stuck in materialistic maya of addictions, sex ,,,etc.
    I personally feel Ketu MD results are unpredictable.
    As much as mind and thoughts are sattvic,
    Rest if I can but find a guru …….supposedly
    Apologies if I tried to educate,,, m sTill a student
    Om Namah Shivaay

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