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How would life be for Makara Lagna people with Saturn in Capricorn?

Well that’s a double dose of seriousness for you in young ages. But then a double dose of fun in the old age.

Thanks to reverse aging quality of this sign. (Curious case of Benjamin Button was an extreme example, but somewhat inspired by the reverse aging process).

Saturn placed in Lagna constitutes a powerful Shash Yoga in 3 signs Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra.

However, of all these three signs it is the LEAST happy in Capricorn, a sign which boosts the mature, serious, melancholic, materialistic, and practical side of Saturn. All these qualities are inherent in Capricorn ascendant, and Saturn sitting there gives it a boost.

So, you have a Young Grumpy Grandpa running the show efficiently but seriously. He would be WAY MORE MATURE AND SERIOUS that other kids and young men of his age. Preferring company of grownups and taking life in a very serious manner.

This continues typically till one’s late 30s or 40s. Then you have the Naughty Old Man.Around or after the Saturn maturity age of 36), both the Capricorn Ascendant and Saturn relaxes and the Saturn melancholy gives way to a certain light hearted youthfulness.

The native might start to look and feel younger from his mid ages, this continues to such an extent that the native would be a real riot in old ages.

I have seen natives work like a horse in young ages in order to succeed, and become relaxed in later half of their lives. So this combination would give desired results but dessert strictly at the end, when you have EARNED IT (Saturn you see).

This is called the REVERSE AGING PROCESS OF CAPRICORN. This is boosted by Saturn in Capricorn in the first house.

While other men might get nostalgic about the lost days of youth and get melancholic, the person with this combination should really look forward to the “OLD AGE” as that’s when they discover their youth.

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G. Vijay Kumar


  1. How about Saturn in 10th House (Libra). I’m Capricon Ascendant. Anuradha Nakshtra. I have Sun, saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in 10th house..

  2. Sir, if exalted Saturn sit in 10th house will improve his career life for capricorn ascendant.. is it creates sasha yoga..? Jupiter is in 11th house and venus in 5th house..mercury n Mars conjuction in 4th house. Please share knowledge on this.
    Thank you

  3. I’m Makara rashi shani Dev is governing the first house so is rahu and guru in 5th house. All the people I went to wise in for have scared me to the grave, surfed by your site you have made look the situations so easy and funny . So matching my life with your guidance sir. Much thanks .

    19/5/1987 , time 7.35 pm
    Kindly provide if any insights or way to surf the life.

    Thank you.

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