While this has a lot of miraculous stories and supernatural interpretations, I would be pleased to take up the challenge of scientifically explaining this.

While some texts suggest that Gandhari stopped Dushasana, I don’t think that Dushasana would give her that kind of respect.

Here is my own theory around this.

Dushasana fainted because of three reasons:

  1. Intoxication: The guy was intoxicated like hell. Looking at his brother winning big against the hated Pandavas, he made merry and had gallons of wine. This gave him the wickedness and courage to do what he did. He was able to drag draupadi out of her chambers but by the time all the debate happened, his blood alcohol content was way beyond acceptable.

2. Exhaustion: Walking all the way to the women’s chamber and then Dragging Draupadi back was hard work for already drunk Dushasana had reached the edge of his consciousness by the time he got the order to strip draupadi.

3. Fear: This is my favorite part of the equation here. Imagine that you are Dushasna and in one act you managed to antagonize two of the most feared men of their times. Bheema and Krishna.

Fear of Bheema: the only man who ever truly loved Draupadi, had had enough when he was so angry that he wanted to burn the hands of Yudhishthir

“Brother Sahadeva, bring fire. I am going to set fire to those hands of his which cast the dice.”


Arjuna somehow stopped Bheema. However, it was clear to Dushasana that Bheema was going to avenge this act in the most brutal way (and he did). Dushasana must have lost a big part of his courage at this outburst of Bheema, but the biggest factor was the next one:

Fear of Krishna. Seeing that not even Bheema could help her, out of desperation Draupadi, wailed out for her absent defender, Krishna. Suddenly everyone realized they had forgotten to take the most cunning man in the world into account. THEY REALIZED THAT ONCE KRISHNA GETS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS, THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY. (and there was hell to pay indeed).

“Those who tormented you will be stricken to death in the bloody quagmire of a lost battle. Wipe your eyes. I solemnly promise that your grievous wrongs shall be amply avenged.”

-Krishna’s Promise to Draupadi

Overpowered with intoxication and fear, the best thing that could have happened to poor Dushasana was to faint before he crapped.

Bheema’s outburst and mention of Krishna’s name was enough to bring the others to their sense and none of the other Karuavas tried to finish what Dushasana had started.

Hope this explains the legend scientifically.


PS: To all the devotees: Hence proved that the Name of the Lord can come in handy at the most difficult times. Jai Shri Krishna

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