Sorry to disaapoint you in advance. For astrology even one life is not enough.

You would be lucky to learn about 12 signs in 12 months

Then about 9 planets in one year and that would be saying a lot.

After that you study one technique and use it on 5–10 horosopes for practice and then you study PATTERNS. at times you are right, at times you are wrong, but you keep refining. It would take you another 2-3 years to find patterns and yogas, and ofcourse to get rid of the errors and mis interpertations. e.g. most astrology books would say Rahu is exalted in Taurus, fact is that it is exalted in Gemini.

Then you find a new book and then you try it.

Then you find a new pattern e.g. from Prashari (the most common system) you move to Jaimini or BSP and then you integrate them together. It takes another long cycle of 4–5 years. and then you keep refining them together.

So bro you have to be madly passionate about it to be able to learn it.

Remember you don’t choose astrology, astrology chooses you.

As always finding a Guru always helps. My father groomed me over decades.

Feel free to get in touch, if you are serious I would be happy to guide you (Not teach you as I am not qualified enough to be a guru).

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6 Thoughts on “How can I learn astrology in six months?”

  • Hello ,
    I find myself pulling towards astrology n its practices . It provides me kind of satisfaction n peace bt d more i read d more it puzzles me. so can u please suggest from where (any preferred book) should i start to learn d authentic one . Just want to enlighten myself

  • i n many other ur followers must b interested to know ur story ..
    From being a mba graduate wat made u to enter in d world of astrology n philosphy .wat kind of hardships u faced n conquerd ..can u share ur story how it started TO being a blogger interactive to audience with full transparency.

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