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How bad is it when Saturn is placed in the 9th house in a chart? Does it mean one is devoid of fortune?

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This is a very typical placement. One word that can describe it is JUSTICE. You want a judge or an arbitrator who can do justice against all odds, look for a man with Saturn in the 9th house.

In terms of material world, it might not look that great and it often shows a person devoid of the affection of father. There is always some complication in the relationship with the father.

Normally father is biased towards the other children while Saturn in the 9th child loves the father more than others (the father doesn’t know that). Such people often face injustice from their own families, especially the father.

However, in the long term this wound makes them the WOUNDED HEALER.

These are the guys who would want justice at any cost, even for their enemies. They would stand up against injustice of all types and kinds and would spend a lifetime in crusading for the weak wronged by the system. Many passionate lawyers who fight for free for the cause of justice often have this placement so do social activists and other working for a cause. Of course great judges have this one.

This also promises a spiritual legacy. Mostly the kind of GYAN YOGA. They would analyze the spiritual texts, check them, question them and believe only what they find to be reasonable.

They often dream of retiring in the woods or mountains and spending time in meditation and reading. Often a time comes when they leave the luster of material world and promises of riches in order to go close to nature and their own soul. They often end up as hermits and are happiest when alone. So at a spiritual level, this is a VERY GOOD placement. This gives you the typical hermit who becomes a Wise Old Man by the end of his life, this is the best way Saturn represents himself.

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  1. I just read so many articles books on astrology. But I have noted that almost each contradicts other. Every body gives his own predictions and clarification. And also noted that almost all goes wrong in reality. What ever happens or going to happen no one can set right or change even remedies has no affect. Only one article on ketu mahadasha is 100%correct as per my experience. So I just read astrology just as to have some knowledge. I want your views on the reality of astrology

    1. Thank you for you comments. Astrology is real in fact MORE real than most of the things you see. You need to start from the BASICS without understanding of basics you would always be confused by advanced books. There are complicated things like Dhridh and Adhridh karma etc. which have to be addressed and considered before making a comment.

  2. Sir please reply… I have saturn in 9th in mula nakshatra. Now sade sati in saturn mahadasha, moon in aquarius conjunct rahu. I have saturn oppose Sun in arda nakshatra. Had father issues very badly. My family hates me. Every day I feel suicidal. Came out from torturous job. Learning astrology, puranas, shiva agamas, yoga . Still jobless. I always had injustice and unlucky. I feel i become mad when saturn transits moon rahu in aquarius. Since you also have saturn in 9th hope you help me.

    1. I would have to look at the chart as a whole and cannot comment without it. However, people with Saturn in 9th often have father issues.

      Apparently you are going through a bad dasha, please have patience…time always changes that is why we call it Kaal-Chakra…like a wheel it keeps moving.

      Read my article “Rama Krishna and the prison of Saturn” in order to find out how to handle Saturn problems.

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