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Does mantras, meditation, pranayama, yoga, sadhna, etc. help in decreasing the negative aspects in a birth horoscope and increasing the free will and enriching the quality of life? What are some real life experiences?

Thanks for A2A.

Now this NOT an easy answer. It wasn’t something that I can answer off hand using my knowledge, simple “logic”, or even in extreme case, refer to my books and reply. This one had come from the depths of heart and sheer experience.

Again putting it in words wasn’t easy, it took me a late night chat with one of my most intelligent clients who threw me a curved ball by asking me “Aren’t all these remedies like a bribe to god? Thankfully I was half asleep and as usual the Divine came to my aid, which is far wiser than my limited intelligence I told him something in semi-conscious state, which answered and comforted him. Upon reading the entire chat in the morning I was myself amazed at what I had written. The first thing after that I thought I should share this with all so here I am at 8 in the morning writing this answer.

The answer is YES. THEY DO WORK. Mantras, meditations, pranayama yoga etc. they all do work.

Somebody might question why do they work? Can you bribe the Divine? The answer is NO. Divine is far more intelligent than limited human capacity.


If you punished your child, you don’t feel good, right? And if the child cries and hugs you, even if you know that she is doing this in order to avoid further punishment, chances are that you would go soft on her and hug her back. You may still tell her to clean the room (karmic mess in our case) but I can bet you won’t slap her face after this. The same principle works here.

The closer you go to the Divine, the better your life becomes (it is like hugging a parent). Now please note that I am talking about INTERNAL LIFE. Even great saints like Ramakrishna and Ramana had to suffer, but they were so close to the Divine that they were able to smile during their suffering.

All these spiritual practices work from the INSIDE. They give you more strength and wisdom so that you THINK your way through tough situations and overcome your Karma. In case of unfixed (adridha) Karma you can actually change the external circumstances by sheer effort and thought and a dash of newly found luck. You may get a good idea, a long lost contact, or even external help may come to your aid (happened to me many a time).

If your Karma is really fixed (dridha) and there is no way you can change it, still these practices give you the wisdom and strength to tolerate the circumstance better and not lose hope or get desperate.

Life is easy when you know that the Divine loves you and the closer you get, the better it becomes.


  1. 🙏 sir.. this is female Capricorn… feel like blessed to see this answer because the same question and answer were debating in my self since long time..may be Saturn started making me smile… thank you

  2. You seem to have fair knowledge compared to many astrologers… Your knowledge of past life/ lives karma expressing in this birth thru the planets is what it is… But prarabda karma fixed for this birth cannot be altered even by god.. Only anarabda karma can be changed by certain practices and that too takes effect in future births… As you have quoted Ramakrishna and Ramana , even they have explained these facts many times… The scriptures say nothing different…. Also no mantra, Mani (gems) yantras were proposed by parashara to alter the course of events…
    Next, I’ve read your article on rahu Dasha and most of it (the basic ideas) seems to be gleaned from Prash Trivedi.. Even the examples appear similar, where he’s used foreign natives you’ve used local natives… Even the song / lyrics you’ve used as an example has been gleaned from his book. All gloom and doom have been predicted in each bhukti of rahu Dasha…. I can give you numerous examples of people whom I know and past and present celebrities whose rahu Dasha has done well in almost all bhuktis…. Rahu doing well in non-live significations and bad in live significations is also gleaned from Trivedi… Now, what happens to your own understanding and predictive ability, Sir …. I appreciate your reasonable knowledge but one’s own predictive ability and understanding are of utmost importance… In most of the cases of rahu dasha I’ve tracked, people have not chased a mirage or illusion, be it virat kohli, M. S. Dhoni, a few film stars or many ordinary people who I know during their rahu dashas.. At least 90% of them… In fact most people chase illusions throughout their lives, that is the nature of Maya (which means to measure)…. Even the fake Modern gurus of today are chasing illusions throughout their lives and guiding others to chase the same.. Wouldn’t like to take their names but the too obvious need not be stated… Rahu or no rahu, their whole lives are an illusion.. A very very rich businessman known to me is chasing illusion in an absolutely idiotic way and he’s running Venus Dasha… Another educationist /businessman who’s running Saturn Dasha (9th lord in 9th) is chasing mirages like no one else, it’s unbelievable…. In fact most people I’ve tracked have had huge success in their rahu dashas without aspiring so much… In fact they themselves are surprised..(celebrities and non-celebritites )…. Finally, as per karma siddanta, man is not supposed to know his future as it defeats the very theory of karma… that is sukha and dukkha (pain and pleasure).. Grahas only indicate… “graha suchyanti”…. If Parashara or any other great sage could predict perfectly , it was because they were tapavis and jnanis , not astrologers… There are so many works of parashara pertaining to jnana, astrology is the least… Remember, he was Veda Vyasa’s father, Sir….

    1. thank you for taking time for making a long comment. Agree Prarabdha or Dridh karma cannot be avoided. But these remedies help us LIVE WITH THEM with a calm mind.

      Yes I am a BIG Prash Trivedi fan, and i have written an entire article dedicated to him, I have even mentioned him where i used his terminology. But please note that i have NOT plagiarised anything from him. My ideas are original based upon observation (my real brother and my wife went through entire Rahu dasa) so observed the changes in their nature and their life. I don’t think he even used songs or movie examples in his books. He did used some celebrity horoscopes.

      Rahu in good houses gives great gains in his dasha, esp in Guru, Shukra Budh bhukti even Sun Bhukti. i have mentionted that as well. The article was more of a general theme. Also i don’t believe most of the celebrity charts as most are fake. For the record most “celebrities” are ruled by Rahu, esp in sports and movie industry.

      I beg to differ about “man is not supposed to know his future” otherwise our Rishis would not have shared this knowledge. Although I respect your right to differ from me. Hence approving and respectfully replying.

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