I have said it a hundred times, like any other occult science. You don’t choose astrology, IT chooses you.

As per the scholars of astrology, the study of Astrology goes one throughout several life times. typically it is the person who has studied astrology in past birth who would find this subject fascinating and would get attracted towards, and funny part they often find ways to it.

I was lucky enough to have a father who was an astrologer and I worked as his assistant (+apprentice + office boy + peon J) since my teenage and learned things from him that I could never have learned otherwise. He was my Guru and after two decades and a half, I still consult him when stuck.

I agree with the opinion expressed by others that CLASSES NORMALLY DON’T HELP. For the record, I HAVE CLIENTS WHO TOOK A TWO-YEAR COURSE from reputed institutions and consult me, an accidental astrologer who doesn’t have a 3-week diploma. That’s the power of getting the right Guru (Thank You Dad…!).

Alas, the old Guru-Shishya tradition is dead and gone. Nowadays they have been trying to teach this divine science like mathematics through structured courses and classes. With all due respect, this is more than calculus. You need the Hand of God to become a good astrologer.

If you have real interest, you buy some easy and popular books (there are a lot of videos on the Internet). If you are destined for it, you would find this subject fascinating and it would be hard for you to put down the books and you would become addicted to the videos. And NATURE WOULD GUIDE YOU find the right resources and take you ahead.

Else, sooner or later your interest would fade out. Better test the waters. Much better than wasting time and money on classes initially.

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